Al Bidyah Mosque: Explore Fujairah's Beauty and History

Posted On 19-Oct-2023

Tourists frequently visit the Al-Bidyah Mosque in Fujairah, also known as the Ottoman Mosque. This historic location, which dates to the fifteenth century, narrates the history of the area. Since Al-Bidyah is the oldest site of worship in the UAE, it represents Fujairah's rich cultural heritage. It is a well-liked sight in Fujairah due to its exceptional architecture and historical significance.

Al Bidyah Mosque - A Detailed Explanation

Al Bidyah Mosque

The Al-Bidyah building is a historic structure with domes and strong stone walls. Its walls are decorated with intricate rock carvings and rock art that display superb craftsmanship. Midway through the 15th century, this masterpiece of architecture was created.

The prayer area, which was built in 1446 AD out of mud and brick, exhibits the extraordinary skills of its builders. The "musalla," or place of worship, in Al-Bidyah has beautiful ventilation and is decorated with elaborate Islamic architectural details.

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As long as they follow the dress requirement, non-Muslims are permitted to visit the mosque. Conveniently, the mosque is close to the beach road. There is a big cemetery near this holy place that includes a long-ago Iron Age grave. Numerous artifacts, including ceramic shards and arrowheads from circa 1000 BC, have been found in this area.

Al Bidyah Mosque Past Story:

Al-Bidyah Mosque is especially beloved by the locals because it is the oldest mosque in the Emirates that is still in operation. It was built in the 15th century, according to a local legend, to provide spiritual solace for the people of Fujairah.

Its status as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the UAE underscores its importance. Both locals and tourists gather here daily for religious purposes. Curiously, there are no written or historical accounts detailing the mosque's history, shrouding the identity of its builder. Nevertheless, it is widely believed that the place of worship bears the name of Al-Bidyah, the individual responsible for its construction.

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To ascertain the mosque's antiquity, Australian archaeologists examined a variety of samples and used carbon dating. Despite its small size, the mosque attracts lots of visitors, especially those who are interested in Fujairah's past. As a result, it draws tourists from all over the world. A rectangular prayer area and an old spring that was probably used for bathing may be found inside the mosque.


It is essential to plan your visit carefully if you want to visit the mosque comfortably and without overcrowding. Choose a time when there won't be many interruptions so you can concentrate on your experience. Arriving at the mosque's opening is a smart move to avoid crowds and guarantee a peaceful visit because it is open from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Places to Visit Near Al Bidyah Mosque

Snoopy Island:

Snoopy Island is a charming must-see location, especially if you're a lover of the well-known cartoon character Snoopy. A granite structure on this unusual island strikingly resembles Snoopy resting calmly on his back.

With its exciting water activities and exciting music events, this attractive location draws both locals and visitors each year. Water sports aficionados will love it because it offers thrilling pursuits like scuba diving, kayaking, and more.

Visit Snoopy Island if you're a lover of the well-known cartoon character Snoopy. A rock structure on this fascinating island strongly resembles Snoopy resting calmly on his back.

This magical place draws both locals and visitors every year with its exhilarating water sports and exciting music festivals. With wonderful options for scuba diving, kayaking, and other water activities, it's a great option for adventure seekers.

Kalba Corniche Park:

Kalba Corniche Park, which is close to Al-Bidyah Mosque, is the ideal location for families looking for a fun picnic or barbecue adventure. This well-liked location offers a sizable playground for kids and easy access to the water, offering a range of recreational possibilities. It's important to remember that swimming is not recommended in this area.

A bonus is that the well-kept Kalba Corniche Park is home to several cafeterias and restaurants that serve a delicious array of food.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque:

The Sheikh Zayed Mosque is a magnificent example of the UAE's long history of magnificent architecture. Being the second-largest mosque in the Emirate, it is lauded as one of the most spectacular places of prayer in the entire globe.

Even though there are restrictions on visits that aren't for prayer, the mosque's breathtaking beauty and architectural grandeur are nevertheless visible from the outside. Over 28,000 committed worshippers can fit in the prayer hall of this magnificent 22,400 square-meter mosque. It is decorated with beautiful domes and minarets.

Fujairah Museum:

A treasure mine of historical and cultural value can be found in Fujairah, which is renowned for its breathtaking coastlines and towering mountains. A notable example is the famed Fujairah Museum, which showcases priceless archaeological finds that provide in-depth insights into the UAE's rich past and history.

You go on an enthralling trip through UAE history as you explore the museum's outstanding artifacts and historical data. Visitors can enjoy fascinating tours of Fujairah's alluring east coast, possibly stopping at the Fujairah Museum en route. You may discover more information here, including more specifics on these tours.

A fascinating collection of early Bronze Age artifacts can be found inside these holy walls, providing an amazing window into the past. The exhibits are packed to the brim with magnificent artifacts discovered by archaeologists in the historic sites of Qidfa and Bithnah.

You'll find some intriguing Bronze Age artifacts waiting for your exploration among these amazing treasures. Notably, there is also an unusual 2,200-year-old ostrich egg with a unique past on exhibit.

How Can I Get Al Bidyah Mosque's Address?

Al-Bidyah Mosque is easily accessible; it's about 20 minutes from Fujairah's city center and around 8 km north of Khorfakkan. It is a simple stop if you are exploring Dubai or another neighborhood may easily hail a taxi to start your informative journey to the mosque.