Dubai Autodrome – Masterpiece for the Motor Fans

Posted On 22-Dec-2022

If you cherish racing actions with your companions but don’t keep a suitable racing machine. Dubai Autodrome is located in Motor City. Your man answering our metropolis stays outstanding. It demonstrates both the racing path and a mean contending machine to complete your interior motivation for speed. There is no rate limitation in the forum, also celebrated as the "Home of UAE motorsport."

The position gives remarkable and myriad Activities to enjoy in Dubai and engaging workouts for all generations.

This Autodrome was launched to promote UAE motorsports in the region of Dubai Motor City. Similarly, the community is a Motor Sports purpose globally. The Dubai Autodrome and Motorsport Company DAMC were constructed by the great Union Property. Again, negotiating the Dubai Autodrome in the era of 2004.

Dubai Autodrome - A Detailed Discussion

Dubai Autodrome for the Motor Fans

It got FIA-supported 5.30 km racing directions of 6 different compositions. A racing institute, outdoor and also includes indoor Karting. Moreover, a grassland for corporations was contracted as Motorsport Business Park. A responsible retail area is named the Grandstand Retail Plaza. Furthermore, a VIP Paddock service area is incorporated for the guests. It also contains amusement structures standard for events and corporate pleasure.


Under the investment of its leader and United Arab Emirates region Crown Prince Mr. Sheikh Hamdan Bin Muhammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Furthermore, the Dubai Autodrome has welcomed first-class motorcar racing affairs. Including the following

  • Touring Car Championship
  • Clio Cup, Sportbikes Championship
  • UAE GT Championship
  • NGK Racing Series

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It also has big specified and limited ethnicities for the Dubai Autodrome. These incorporate the following

  • Trofeo Maserati
  • Radical Cup
  • Formula Gulf 1000
  • Suzuki Swift Cup
  • Porsche Cup Middle East

This Motorsport event is organised for a year in the Dubai Autodrome in the region of Motor City. It is entirely exciting for provincial proficiency. It has various regional flavours with its tagline. Which is scarcely like "a celebration of motorsport in the United Arab Emirates".

Inductions in Dubai Autodrome

Dubai Autodrome

The Dubai Autodrome course is evolved with transnational conservation conditions absurdity. It has obtained a hi-tech digital surveillance grid that encloses the fundamental race medium. The leadership locale is connected to each of the IP cameras. Furthermore, the input is devoted and authorised on provincial hard disks for appraisal daily. Similarly the inspection of any occurrence and actual-moment grid/ supervision of the earning on the ethnicity paths.

The method is FIA supported with an asphalt-enveloped run-off province. It is the main variety in the world. The management space, executive chamber, and retail sites are revealed at the Dubai Autodrome space in a recent two-story combination.

Other buildings boarded in this difficult are;

  • VIP Suite
  • Race or Safety Control Space
  • Media Centre
  • Stewards Space
  • Timekeeping Space

There is a Medical Center at the rear flank of the Pit region for these concerns. During happenings organised with a trendy first aid association and on-deck sitters or first aiders.

If you keep a hunger to char some painful rubber. Then engage an Audi TT or lease the depravity Audi R8V.10. Again pummelled the Dubai Autodrome race course. It keeps what you dream for your desire for fast autos, paths, and a craze for a thrilling adventure. Also, yes, never communicate in the route crossroad without the head cover or helmet!

Navigating Experience:

Convey your racing charms by committing to any of the pro motorcars attainable in Dubai Autodrome. The understanding commences with:

  • Formation and register at the Welcome Centre.
  • Preservation counselling on rotation and driving procedures. Remember that you must have a plausible world. UAE driving licence from any city of the United Arab Emirates in Manual Transmission vehicles.
  • A commute will convey you to the Club orbit, From the setting, you will get the procedures from your educators.
  • You will strive to take pleasure in a ride or driver for 10 minutes, however, it is based on n a Radical Sports Car. Afterward, you apprehend the trajectory and great the lines. Along with encouragement and guidance from professional educators.
  • Rapid summation on navigating the F1 track.
  • Steering learning in the F1 Jaguar 2000. As well as F1 Arrows 2002 which is almost 4 rounds & 3x past pit immediately.
  • Paying dividends while steering back to the Welcome Centre for doubting and certificate confession.
  • The whole meeting duration is essentially 1 hour & 30 minutes.


Please note that exceptionally proficient motorists can navigate all vehicles. On the other flank, your safety is of utmost meaning to Dubai Autodrome. You will have to deliver all safety kits promoted by the control of DMAC.

Motorbikes in Dubai Autodrome

If you worship driving motorbikes then Dubai Autodrome instructs Track Days. The ever-best occurrence offers motorbike buffs a hassle-free and secure motorbiking-undisturbed atmosphere. This domain is equipped on countless highways with process layouts. Such as FIA-authorised rotation of One trajectory. The path day will keep an ambulance and medical supervision hospitality per the stringent protection middles. Along with all congregations, centres are supervised.

Constraints to Empower a motorbike:

  • Contenders of motorbikes in this academy, who have not carried components in Track Days earlier, must write down. Also, contribute to a Novice Track Evening however their preliminary proficiency in biking in Dubai. This assurance that they have a fundamental insight into the Motorbike security basics.
  • Any pattern road-admired or track bike may have a role in a Bike Track in the evening or afternoon time.
  • Hopefuls must have a complete and active driver’s road for the race.
  • One or two portions flickered together with leathers, boots, gloves, and helmets are mandatory. A rear manager is another benefit.
  • All motorcycles must have semblance and breed glimmers. Along with apparent prognoses for Evening Track Sessions.
  • The expanse for track days depends on the course compositions standing exploited on the day.