Heritage Village Dubai - A Must-try Visit for Art Fans

Posted On 23-Sep-2022

Dubai city, where you get a tour of attractions and recognize them presently. It is not what it used to be in the past days. It has an incredibly delightful cultural narrative and virtually film-worthy clothes. To rich stories, the place grew from an Arabian desert to a city incorporating some of the tallest skyscrapers in the world. However, the history of Dubai city is just as interesting as the present, and you have an opportunity to travel back in time and experience the life of Dubai in the early ages, by visiting the Heritage And Diving Village in Dubai, a living museum where you can witness the crafts of potters and weavers as well as learn about the pearl diving industry of Dubai. If you are planning on visiting the Heritage And Diving Village, here are a few things you should know.

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Heritage And Diving Village - Details for Visitors


Al-Shindagha Rd /Bur Dubai /UAE

Entry fee:

The entry ticket to Heritage Village, Dubai city is free for everyone. But the rides or attractions are paid as per adults and kids.


The heritage village unlocks at 08:00 am and the closing time of 9:30 PM. Meanwhile, the Fridays timings are 3:00 PM to 9:30 PM.

Things to accomplish at the Heritage Village Dubai

These are some of the favourable things visitors can perform at the Heritage And Diving Village in Dubai:

1 Adore the art of the weavers:

In the Heritage Village, you can discover numerous regional artists. Those artists are champions in the art of weaving stuff. Such as baskets, carved and additional stuff. These are masters who have been assumed into families. They have been in the weaving business for eras. they have passed down their extraordinary art mastery in the family. Therefore, the encounter is true, and if you come across the craftsmen. You will get to understand extra about the narrative of the craft. As well as invest in some of these remarkable creations as antiques to bring back home.

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2. Understand the art of Pottery:

Another outstanding art can be established at the Heritage Village Dubai. Numerous regional workers have hustled craftsmen. They mastered the sculpture and practised their skill in the town. You will also find some workshops that one can put up with. Besides, it’s a very fun and fascinating thing to do for the whole family to rejoice. If you are touring with kids, they will appreciate discovering this art. Also, possibly discover how to make art with clay as well. The workshop's timings fluctuate, so ensure to discover about them beforehand. if you are enthusiastic about visiting one.

3. Grab a glance at the established culture & lifestyle of Dubai:

A person can completely move back in the past and encounter how the existence of the regional people was. They used to be ahead and also bring a slice-of-life occasion of the actual locals of Dubai. Memorise the age-old beliefs that were passed down by eras of families. This will be knowledge that you will keep for a long time. As it comes out from the magnificence of city life. As well as, it puts on you an additional grounded established viewpoint of Dubai rather.

4. Admire the animal's life:

There are completely occasional animals at the Heritage And Diving Village. They are peaked after by the regional people. Like camels & horses, you will get to discover even a little surf with ducks in it, also you're allowed to feed them. Enthusiastic kids and adults can grab a ride on the horses & camel, as per their desires.

5. Discover about the pearl diving trade in Dubai:

One of the promising gadgets you can achieve at Heritage Village Dubai is understanding the enormous pearl enterprise. It was the basis of the Dubai belief for various years. The gem access takes off back nearly seven thousand years ago. Besides, it is still common in some areas. The method pertains to a tanker of 60 people, encompassing divers, Captains, a seeb, and additional faculty. As well as take on a month-extended voyage in the investigation of these valuable stones.

6. Admire some artistic creations:

Another extraordinary stuff to encounter at the Heritage Village is the artistic creations of the people. Containing some folk sculptures, such as dancing & singing. Lady & gents, including kids too. They dress up in conventional clothes and put on a delightful show for the guests. Containing some foreign executions like the belly dance.

7. Shop for factual antiques:

While touring a fresh area, everyone needs to purchase some antiques. That is extraordinary and would not be created anywhere else on the planet. Different from the town which trades largely retail brands. This regional true cultural centre trades some original arts and products. That is handmade, also, you wouldn’t be prepared to discover any of them anywhere else. Buy costumes, crockery, pearl jewellery and baskets from here. As well as not barely you send a different souvenir back to your residence with you. However, you will moreover be funding the regional businesses there.

What are the Best Dining Options at Heritage Village in Dubai?

Most food stables and diners in Heritage Village will be established. Some of the popular foods you can have here:

1. Hummus:

Hummus is a very outstanding dip in Dubai. It is concluded with chickpeas. Along with olive oil & garlic. Also, it comes with kudos fulfilled with some other options. Such as local bread, kudos, pita bread etc.

2. Shawarma:

Everyone knows that Shawarma in Dubai is famous and many tourists must try shawarma when the visits in UAE. It is formal Arabic street food, that is a bread roll stuffed with chicken, sauce, veges for vegans & garlic spread. The chicken can be swapped with mutton or beef of your preference. Also, there are seafood alternatives accessible but they are very rare to eat.

3. Iranian Tea:

This vital hot beverage is a pleasure to the taste buds with its refreshing aroma. Also, it is a black tea that is normally had and enjoyed with biscuits dates, or popular Arabian sweets.

4. Seafood:

Living in the diving business, there is span to be a bunch of seafood at the Heritage Village in Dubai. These foods are barbecued and flavoured with some regional spices and herbs. As well, they are the eruption of flavours to taste. Attempting there is a knowledge that should not be missed.

The Finish Line:

The Heritage Village Dubai experience is worth trying because it is an incredible neighbourhood to tour. As well as, knowing about the numerous regional arts. So, plan an excursion to Dubai and tour this museum.