Jebel Hafeet - Explore the Eye-Catching Mountains in Al Ain

Posted On 09-Sep-2022

Jebel Hafeet also known as Hafeet Mountain is one of the top highlighted milestones in the Emirate Of Abu Dhabi city. It is on the boundary between the United Arab Emirates and the Sultanate of Oman. As you all know, the Sultanate Of Oman pertains to the eastern & southwestern thirds. The northern portion is in the Emirates and goes to the south of Al Ain.

Therefore, pursue this blog on Jebel Hafeet in the town of Al Ain. As we will demonstrate to you everything you desire to understand about the eye-catching mountain. Encompassing the weather around the mountain shows how high Jebel Hafeet is. As well, there is much different stuff to discuss.

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Knowledge About The Jebel Hafeet Mountain

Significance of Jebel Hafeet:

It was provided tremendous awareness by Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. His words are "may God have mercy on him" during his existence. It is directly one of the top highlighted neighbourhoods liked by every tourist or locals. All want to come across the city of Al Ain in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

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The peak encompasses a unique restaurant, a kids’ play area, and a huge parking region for vehicles. Further, The 4-Stars Mercure Grand Jebel Hafeet Al Ain hotel has a dramatic impression of the whole town of Al Ain & its unique districts.

The Heights of Al Ain's Hafeet Mountain:

While the conference of Jebel Hafid surges 1240 metres above the level of the sea. That implies that it invades the initial spot in periods of altitude or height in the UAE's capital city Abu Dhabi. Besides, the fifth in the United Arab Emirates after Jabal Mabrah, Jebel Jais, Jabal Al Ahabt and Jabal Al Rahba. It comprises steep limestone rocks that were endangered to climatic characteristics for more than millions of years.

It was previously found that there is fossil evidence in its proximity. That exemplifies a significant fraction of the historical narrative of Al Ain. In improvement, the finding of extra than 500 excavation burials going together. Back more than 5,000 years at the hoof of its peak.


The temperature may attain 4 ° C. On the other side, its locale endures a shortage of rain. The ratio of rain may attain 100 mm, besides, this quantity of moisture will rapidly vanish.

Besides, the mountain is distinguished by being encircled by Ghaf trees in a very huge path. As well as, if you are marvelling about the height of Hafeet Mountain or Jebel Hafeet in Al Ain. It is 16 metres long and relies on its drinking water, groundwater.

The Wildlife of Hafeet’s Mountain:

When touring this outstanding location, we will discover several extraordinary animals established there. For example feral cats. Moreover, a few minor mammals, like red foxes & hyrax. Along with, a huge number of rare birds, like, kestrel, Egyptian vultures, Moroccan falcon, and numerous nomadic birds from many different containers.

How to Reach Hafeet Mountain?

Moreover, numerous inquiries about where Jebel Hafeet encountered in Al Ain. This mountain is tracked down in the south of the town of Al Ain. As the Jebel can be attained through an extremely tightening road via car. As well as, furnishing an artificial encounter when clambering and tumbling from it. It is all about14 km high and encircled by interesting realistic impressions. Besides, dramatic perspectives over the whole city of Al Ain.

Facts about Jebel Hafeet Mountain

  • The initial and main tourist attraction in Al Ain for all locals and tourists.
  • Jebel Hafeet is considered one of the highest peaks in the United Arab Emirates.
  • It was differentiated by the retention of outstanding details. Besides, the voluntary assets through the centuries & years of history.
  • It is illustrated by comprehensive ultimately, tranquillity, consensus and limited environmental corruption.
  • The precise direction for all visitors, who are peeking for relief and satisfaction. Besides, it contains a tourist refuge uncovered at the top. That is the one and only Mercure Grand Resort in Al Ain.
  • In history, the term Jebel Hafeet was established in a town. Along with numerous villages. Harvested with palm trees and different plants.

Attractions around Jebel Hafeet

Green Mubazzarah:

Wish to discern how the green colour glows in the territory of Arabian sand? Arrive at Green Mubazzarah, the freshest area. From there you will ever discern the United Arab Emirates. It is tracked down close to Jebel Ali. It is the Al Ain Oasis, residence to this wonderful chunk of soil.

A tiny distance into this sovereignty, you will discover a hot spring operating across the green land. Unlike additional hot springs, the one positioned here is constantly hot. If you are fortunate, you can glimpse the vapour appearing off the pouring-out hot water.

Al-Ain Zoo:

Al Ain zoo is approximately 10 kilometres far from the green land. It is remembered as one of the former zoos in the United Arab Emirates. It was established by Sheik Zayed, then the leader indicated a high investment in wilderness safety regions. Then grabbed portions in numerous undertakings to protect them. The Al-Ain Zoo has over 500 hectares of soil. It is home to more than 4500 various animals from approximately 100 varieties.

The zoo withstood an exact remodelling to establish the environment circumstances for these creatures. The yesteryear leaders and the current operating squad settle the solace of these animals early. From which are not aboriginal to the Arabian desert.

They are the imaginary established environments in the zoo are:

  • Hippo & Crocodile Exhibits
  • Big Cat Oasis
  • Bird House
  • African Habitat
  • Asian Habitat

If you are roaming with your family or children, then be confident to enjoy your weekend here. We can guarantee that youngsters will have a beautiful moment watching these animals.

Jebel Hafeet Desert Park:

Appreciate the journey and am ready to plummet into the wealthy narrative and remarkable topography. Of the different Jebel Hafeet Desert Park in Al Ain. The leafy garden city of Abu Dhabi is all about an hour or a half hour from the capital.

On a 9 km span at the base of the jagged Jebel Hafeet, the highest elevation in Abu Dhabi. Travellers can examine the grand natural districts in the family-friendly garden by riding a mountain bike, camel, or horse and hiking. Also, explore the wonderful archaeological and chronological persists. That will notify distinctive articles of the interesting historical living areas.

The Finish Line:

Eventually, at Jebel Hafeet Desert Park you can achieve numerous categories of camps. For somebody can enjoy camping, Luxury camping, and Serviced Camping. You can also go for the best morning, evening and overnight Desert Safari experience for more explorations.