Mushrif National Park - Requires to Explore More than a Day

Posted On 02-Sep-2022

Infinitely, there are miscellaneous public parks to explore in Dubai. Presently how many are advanced family energetic places proposing a variation of exciting things to do for visitors of all age groups.

Mushrif National Park comes in the line, it is a kind of land that’s been through for various years. Also, it happens to have it all under one canopy. From adrenaline enthusiasts to animal devotees, there’s something for everybody.

Mushrif National Park Dubai

Mushrif National Park - Brief Overview

Mushrif National Park was unlocked to the Public in 1974. It is considered one of the ancient parks in Dubai. Encircling an extensive region of above 300 hectares. This desert haven is enhanced with above 70,000 regional Ghaf trees. As well, it is a residence of numerous regional bird species. Remote from its unchanged natural beauty in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, you will discover here multiple artificial attractions existing. Including, the Astronomy Centre, barbecue installations and International Village.

Along with so many accessibility things to do at Mushrif park, Here's a record of what you can predict to discover here.

10 Activities to Explore at the Mushrif National Park

1. Arrange the picnic Gatherings:

Nothing beats a picnic gathering with your family and friends. From there you have fun and admire the delightful outdoors. So, collect your picnic dinner and reach Mushrif Park where you can arrange your feast and beverages. On either the stretching out lush grass or shadowed benches for comfortable seating. There are even affectionate barbecue trenches for some delicious live grilling BBQ.

2. The International Village Experience:

Extraordinary to this grassland, the International Village sends you miniature reproductions of ancestral cottages in Dubai city from around the planet. It’s where you learn to discern what a comprehensive German Hausbarn is. That is what a conventional roaming Thai house is. As well as an English Tudor house and numerous different traditional castles. Circular across a category of Mushrif Park, you will find more than 13 houses for you to voluntarily inspect.

3. Inspect Aventura Parks:

If you are planning to explore some challenges and exploration. No worries, there’s an absolute family-friendly adventure sanctuary secluded inside Mushrif Park in Dubai. Encircled by the hereditary Ghaf tree wilderness. Aventura is large-scale for outdoor lovers. Adventure-lovers here can finalise circuits that encompass tree surfing zip lines, heart-racing and rope walks.

4. Tour to the Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre:

If Astronomy dividends you or you are interested to comprehend the cosmic bodies. You will also discover a UFO-like facility found at Mushrif Park, however, their visit is worthwhile. On the other side, Al Thuraya Astronomy Centre contains everything about the world of astronomy. Incorporating a Planetarium, an event of science-related tournaments and an Astro Gallery in Dubai. Prepare the encounter memorable by guaranteeing you stop by the enormous telescope. Along with the substance of its sort in the country.

5. The Mushrif Equestrian Club Ride:

You can admire an extraordinary horse riding encounter at the Mushrif Equestrian Club via this desert haven in Dubai. This easy-going horseback riding will let you inspect the realistic geography of the Arabian desert. While admiring the regional nature. Horse lovers of all abilities are welcome. Everyone can even finish their tour with some horse feeding. As well as memorising extra information about horse grooming.

6. Swimming Fun:

Enjoy the refreshing swimming session in the surrounding swimming pools in Mushrif Park. You will find two pools for swimming, one for women and one for men. However, the timings are from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM. To go swimming, you will have to pay a minor cost of 10 AED for grown-ups and 5 AED for youngsters. Meanwhile, the payment can be done via Dubai's NOL card.

7. Bird watching:

It is the natural Arabian desert landscape in the Mushrif National Park. That creates a wonderful environment for indigenous nature, particularly bird species. So, visit here with a couple of binoculars and since you roam around the grassland in Dubai. You will certainly be prepared to detect at least some of the 110 bird species currently. Bird enthusiasts can detect playful Yellow-throated Sparrows, Pallid Scops Owls, Rufous-tailed Robin and Arabian Babblers. Also, if you've certainly fortunate, you may even see some beautiful peacocks dancing freely.

8. Playing Games:

You can bring your squad together and enjoy playing your favourite games. Such as basketball, football, volleyball etc at any of the refuge’s games areas. Also, if the children appear to be elevated on a sugar scramble. It delivers them to the child's garden slips and merry-go-rounds, finished with swings, to burn off their stamina.

9. Cycling at the bicycle track:

Admire the spectacular topography as your cycle around the grassland. There’s an affectionate cycle street available from 6:00 AM till 9:00 PM. Just ensure you appear with your gears. Such as a helmet and a bicycle furnished with lights.

10. A Fun Filled Train ride:

Last but not the least, I must try a quick excursion on the train. As it brings you through a few of the amazing fractions of Mushrif Park. Obtaining on board will charge you as slight as 2 AED per individual.

Mushrif Park also shows off many kids’ playgrounds. Such as the extraordinary mushroom playground. As you can explore, there’s a bunch to restore your winter fun at the place. The grassland continues open for entire summer days. Though we propose touring only early mornings to enjoy sunrise and evenings to enjoy the sunset in Dubai's peak heat.

Mushrif National Park installation

Mushrif Park is furnished with clean bathrooms, baby transforming installations, prayer rooms and food kiosks. Not everything, but many regions within the refuge are available to visitors with judgement. Pets are not authorised here.

Mushrif Park Opening Hours and Timings:

Mushrif Park remains open every day for all members and visitors. Meanwhile, the timings are

From Sunday to Wednesday: It opens from 8:00 AM till 10:00 PM

On the other days, such as public holidays, Thursdays, Fridays & Saturdays: it opens from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM

During Ramadan days, it opens from 12 PM to 11:00 PM.

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Mushrif Park's Entrance Fee:

An entry of a single person on foot costs 3 AED. Meanwhile, a person coming via car costs 10 AED. Kids under 2 years old and disabled people can enter with no entry fee.

The entrance fee payment is paid via an RTA-issued NOL card. Because it’s a nice idea to bring your card, that has a balance with sufficient credit.