Quranic Park - Explore a day in Dubai's Latest Attraction

Posted On 17-Sep-2022

Dubai, the city of gold, has an enormous number of fantastic interests and activities to explore. The fabulous town has modern and creative positions to glimpse, which you can never possess enough of. What entices international visitors to Dubai city is the diversity of encounters. As well as the colourful inducements in the city of the future. Thus, Dubai begins again to enthral and provide rise to your fondness every time you tour. One of the latest additions to the Marvel Quranic Park in Dubai.

Being a Muslim region, the United Arab Emirates is invariably striving to dissipate the friendly and balanced schoolings of the holy Quran. Besides, for this basis, they have assembled the Quranic Park in Dubai. This latest attraction is an outstanding setting to enjoy moments with family. While understanding the Islamic heritage and its respected guidance "Holy Quran". Let’s check out all aspects you can learn here. As well as, how to bring into the tour a desirable time.

Quranic Park Dubai

Quranic Park - Everything You Will Get Here


This Quranic Park is encountered in the Al Khawaneej region, which is approximately a half-hour drive from Dubai city. Rashidiya is the immediate metro station and here you will find traditional bus services. which got stopped near the Quranic park.

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Entry Fees:

The entrance charges to the Quranic Park are absolutely free for everyone. However, you will be supposed to pay a small cost of 5 AED per individual. For access to the Glass House & Cave of Miracles.


You can come to Quranic Park on any day from 08:00 AM to 10:00 PM. However, the Glass House & Cave of Miracles are available to explore from 09:00 AM till 9:00 PM every day except Fridays. Where the time of Friday is 03:00 PM to 09:00 PM.

The Inside View of Quranic Park:

Quranic Park is an interesting attraction to explore around. You don't expect to be a spiritual individual to admire the beauty of glamours here. The two fundamental interests are manufactured with the impression of informing the guests about the belief and education of Islam. The topic of the Quranic Park about the Muslim Holy Book. That is based on the purest verse in the Islamic faith.

This is an attraction for every visitor to get together and understand the significances that the Islam belief gives. However, regarding religion and ancestry, the refuge is a pleasant expanse for all to admire on a peaceful and calm day. Furthermore, there are grasslands and play areas for the kids. So they can play alone or with friends.

Leading Attractions in the Quranic Park

This latest attraction in Dubai has two fundamental interests to tour. As well, both symbolise some valuable ingredients of the Holy Quran.

1. Glass House

The Glass House of this latest attraction houses a wonderful botanical sanctuary. According to the composition, the plants planted here are not only normal ones. But they are the number of 29, including trees versed in the Holy Quran. Moreover, you can have documented plaques here interpreting the significance of every plant.

Also, how it boosts the human soul & body. Devour some quality moments here and leave around the Glass House to click memorable images. You can discover networks in the sanctuary, where you can browse additional information about them and achieve an adequate understanding.

2. Cave of Miracles:

The unnatural caves in the Quranic Park display those seven miracles. That is versed in the Holy Quran. This has substantial consequences on Islam's principles. Due to the resemblance, it has with other religions Christianity. Visitors from both beliefs can effortlessly comprehend and connect to it. Similarly, the flawless show makes it simpler to pursue. As well every godsend is well considered too. This will be a different encounter, which brings you through the path of Islam. Moreover, explore the articles of the varied Prophets and their amazement.

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Additional Interests in Quranic Park:

There are glorious grasslands and tracks for walkthroughs where you can stroll and click some elegant snapshots. The fountains and the pathways in the middle are categorised to approximate the statement of Prophet Musa splitting up the seas. Also, these grasslands are well strengthened and have different plants & fruits.

Asunder from these, there is a frigid play area for youngsters with many actions to make them busy. You will also discover kiosks in the Quranic park, including a coffee shop, which sells refreshments. Because you will be a little exhausted due to the whole day walking. As well as, the lanes for cycling & jogging. If you understand the desire to obtain around the land more skillfully. This is a whole-daily encounter of the friendly and favourable tasks of the Islamic religion. Moreover, it encourages you to have a favourable awareness of the community and narrative of the Islamic religion.

The Finish Line:

Schedule your excursion to Dubai and investigate the gorgeous Quranic Park. Along with an evening desert safari with us. Check out the best Dubai tour packages by going to the link. Besides, allow us to assist you to formulate your excellent vacation. You can appear to our travel specialists on Whatsapp and get your questions replied to.