Dubai City Tour

Dubai city tour is a 4-hours side view trip of the golden city of the UAE. Where you will get to enjoy the side trip of the 10 famous attractions in the UAE. Which are

  • Main Museum at Al Fahidi Fort
  • Creak Area
  • Jumeirah Mosque
  • Jumeirah Public Beach
  • Burj Al Arab
  • The Palm Atlantis
  • Marina Area
  • Mall of Emirates
  • Dᴜbai Mall
  • Burj Khalifa

Thousands of people (locals & international visitors) enjoy the Dubai city tour. Which consists of all the elements of a fun-filled trip and two packages. One is a basic package and the other is an exclusive package. In the basic package, you will get to visit via bus. In the exclusive package, you will get to visit via 4X4 vehicle, where max 6 persons are included.

Dubai Tourism - Experience The City Of Wonders With Us

Dubai tourism is a world-class exploration with impressive tailored destinations. But as a city is famous for many things which include its people, landscape, weather, architecture, and many more adventures around the city, where the package prices of Dubai tourism are reasonable and affordable. It is very hard to intake the complete splendors of UAE in a single day but if you are short of time and are looking for a sweet and short planned trip around the most popular spots, then this can be your perfect choice.

Let the Trip Begins:

We promise you to provide the best trip at the best pocket-friendly price. This journey starts from the Creek Area also known as the Deira Creek, which is the first place to visit as compared to the other great attractions that give you an amazing opportunity to experience the most famous places and the last destination of this trip is Marina Mall. which offers you an amazing chance to enjoy the most known places in the Middle East and ends up your journey with shopping.

Dubai Tour Packages - Details and Package Inclusions

In the Dubai tour packages, your beautiful journey starts from Deira creek, where you can see the shoreline of both the parts of the city and ends up with Marina mall. There are two Dubai tour packages, one is basic and the other is exclusive. So, you could choose them according to your desire.

Dubai Tour Packages - Deira Creek Area:

This is one of the best Dubai tourism, with seawater, which provides you with a natural harbor. Our desert safari company guide will let you visit the Deira Creek on a hop on hop off bus. In this trip, to add your excitement to the bus of the town, we will let you taste traditional Arabic Life. This Deira Creek is beautiful, well structured, and a calm river, which is the vital Dubai tourism that forces you to capture tons of pictures, most people explore this journey by car.

Dubai City Tour Bus - Port Rashid

To add your thrill to the Dubai City tour bus, we will let you visit Port Rashid on a hop on hop off bus, which will give you the maximum thrill and fun among the other Dubai city tours. Mina Rashid is one of the most attractive sides for locals, traders, and international visitors. It is a small port in the UAE and is located close to Maritime City and Drydocks World.

Jumeirah Mosque:

The next destination would be the Jumeirah Mosque which is the most photographed and most visited place. The mosque will give you a vision of the grandeur of Arabic and Islamic Architecture. Jumeirah Mosque is the calmest and peaceful place and also it is one of the most visited places in the city, in which ladies are also allowed to enter, offer the Namaz, and recite the Quran. The dress code is casual and there is also a separate place where all people open their fast. Also, if you’re planning to visit the Mosque you must remove your shoes.

Khalifa Palace:

To add more enjoyment we will let you visit Khalifa Palace. Khalifa Palace is also called the castle of Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, this Khalifa palace is one of the best package inclusion of Dubai tourism, where this Castle is way beautiful. In this stunning palace, the King is used to hanging out. This trip to this palace will be provided to you where the visit to the place will provide you with the maximum fun.

Burj Al Arab:

After enjoying the visit of these two places, at the next stop, You shall also see the world’s most luxurious building – The Burj Al Arab. It is the most exciting sightseeing in Dubai tourism where only guests are allowed but non-guests can visit their dining and also enjoy an affordable afternoon tea. Our professional trip guide will let you visit the sail-shaped building of Burj Al Arab Hotel and the trip to this hotel will give you a thrill among the other beautiful attractions of this golden city of the UAE.

Jumeirah Public Beach:

Then the journey will be headed towards Jumeirah Public beach also known as the Russian beach. This beach is also known as the white sand beach and is the must-see beach in the town, where you will get the explore on the hop on hop off bus. Visiting this beach is the best experience for you If you are a nature obsessed person and most people experience this trip by 4X4 vehicle.

Palm Island:

To add more fun we will let you visit the tree-shaped island on a bus, flowing through, you will reach Palm Island, famous for its beauty and innovation. It is also called a tree-shaped island and one of the best places to visit during vacations in the town.

Atlantis Palm Hotel:

In this Dubai Tourism, you will also see the grandeur of the Atlantis Palm Hotel on a hop on hop off bus in the town. This is one of the finest packages included in the trip, where we will let you trip this hotel and add your happiness to the bus, you would be traveling.

Zabeel Palace:

The next stop would be an exclusive attraction “Zabeel Palace” on a hop on hop off bus. It is worthwhile and beautiful to make a trip with the iconic sites from there. This stunning Zabeel palace has a lot of trees where you can explore a variety of birds especially Peacock.

Dᴜbai Marina and Sheikh Zayed:

Then, the trip will be headed towards the road Sheikh Zayed and also breaking through popular skyscrapers, and this venture will come to an end at one of the shopping malls known as Marina Mall, which will be the final destination of this trip. Therefore, this beautiful journey of this trip will be covered where we will let you visit all the great places in the town. So, do not miss the opportunity to avail yourself of this amazing journey.

Tour Packages From Dubai - The Old and Modern Places

In the tour packages from Dubai, the old and modern places are following, so begin your exciting city trip with extraordinary experiences, empowering you to explore the core of the city. which you can enjoy with your friends and family. Witness the Middle East’s rich history and culture on a visit around the Deira Creek, visit Gold and Spice Souks, and explore the culture and heritage of Al Fahidi Cultural Neighborhood. These are the places which you will get on tour packages from Dubai.

Exciting City Tour Dubai Book With Us

If you are visiting for the first time, this city tour Dubai is a must-do thing! Visit the Dᴜbai Museum to learn about the history and cross the Deira Creek that depicts the historical background of the region. There will be a Dubai city tour guide as well as you will be able to acknowledge the details of the trip in different languages. This is your greatest chance to explore your favorite town at a very pocket-friendly price. Give us a call or make a booking online on our website today!

Dubai City Tour Packages

We offer two pocket-friendly Dubai city tour packages. One is a Basic and the other is an exclusive package. Both Dubai tour packages are designed according to the requirements of international visitors and locals. All the prices are affordable and economical, the Dubai city tour prices are starting from 50 AED for adults and 45 AED for kids.

Packages Dubai Desert Safari Offer
Adults Price 50AED
Kids Price 45AED

Explore a memorable trip on a bus that takes you to all the famous landmarks and renowned attractions in the golden town of the UAE. Get all the information about the locations from our experienced guide. View Pickup Locations


Packages Dubai Desert Safari Offer
Starts From 500AED

An Exclusive pick-up and drop-off service in a lavish 4x4 vehicle from your designated location to the famous attractions and landmarks of the golden town of the UAE. This Dubai city tour is accompanied by our licensed trip guide.


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Dubai City Tour - Package Variance

 Basic Package ( Price: 50 AED Per Person)

Avail of a convenient bus pick and drop service from designated areas to visit the most prominent places of the Dubai city tour in an amazing half-day.

 Exclusive Package ( Price: 500AED) ( Max 6 Persons in a 4X4 Vehicle)

Explore Dubai city tour with your family and friends in an exclusive 4x4 car that takes you to all the famous places for visitors and attractions you wish to visit.

Centralize Locations

Centralize Locations Dᴜbai

Day 2 Day Center Opposite Daira City Center
Spinneys Supermarket Next To Burjuman Center