Jet Ski Dubai is an adventurous water ride. It is the best way to have fun and visit the city during the holidays. Jet Ski Dubai is one of the best marine activities in Dubai/ Sharjah, you can experience it with family, friends, partner, or solo. At Mamzar Beach, we will let you explore the top skyscrapers, attractions, and iconic buildings of Dubai.

Jet Ski - A Thrilling Water Adventure

A jet Ski ride is the best approach If you are craving an adventure tour in the most energizing way. This is an outstanding water sport activity over the Persian Gulf with flawless views that are sure to submerge you. Our very demanded Jet Ski tour, this is what you need to experience. Explore something extraordinary on your Dubai and Sharjah trip with an exciting ride. To start your venture, reach out to Al Mamzar Beach where you can ride and test your skills in the open water.

An Amazing Water Activity Under Expert Supervision:

If you are an experienced rider, you can directly jump onto it and start the experience in a matter of moments (after security preparation). however, don't stress in case you're a beginner or even a novice; you will easily get acquainted with the controls with directions by our experts. Whether you want to ride this water bike on your own or want to follow an instructor then the fun, excitement, and thrill are guaranteed.

Jet Ski Sharjah/ Dubai - Best Water Ride

Jet Ski Sharjah offers which are customized as per your needs. This tour will surely give you an adrenaline rush and guaranteed fun. Enjoy the cool wind on your face and admire the water sprinkles. Jet Ski Sharjah, as you ride past the stunning views alongside the shore. Learn handling the gear and speed up to check your abilities. Make moves that induce waves and bounce over the noteworthy waves, other than racing against your companions. Enjoy the water activities of the UAE, this 1000 cc water bike ride is pure fun when you enjoy this with your loved ones. Moreover, this is the best fit for clicking tons of pictures.

Jet Ski in Dubai - Best-Customized Deals

Jet Ski in Dubai, Experience an exciting 30 minutes of the ride. Admire a quick ride of the powerful waterborne vehicle and rush through the waves to explore and experience the stunning perspectives on the Al Mamzar Beach. Discover Dubai's remarkable magnificence from a particular angle in a 30 minutes Jet Ski Dubai ride. Bring your friends or come alone for this amazing water activity, this experience is without a doubt a promising one and something you will consistently keep in your good memories.

Jet Ski Rental Dubai - Complete Safety:

In our Jet Ski rental Dubai deals, an expert guide will support you and tell you how to operate and how to ride along the shoreline. He will give you safety instructions to make your adventure a total life experience in Dubai. This is a fun and exciting water sports activity suitable for friends, couples, and experienced individuals above 18 years of age. Moreover, remember to click some memorable pictures of your exciting adventure trip. We also make sure that our Jet Ski rental tickets offer you great value for money and give you complete satisfaction.

Jet Ski Mamzar - Eye-Catching Highlights

The amazing highlights of Jet Ski Mamzar are as follows:

Basic Information:

In starting your journey the experts will provide you the details and information about the ride. Our professionals will make sure you get the best Jet Ski at Mamzar Beach.

Modern Jet Ski Dubai:

Another highlight, we provide modern water bikes with an automatic system for forward and reverse gear with the steering assist that gives you complete satisfaction.

Point of Origin:

This water bike ride starts with the finest location of Dubai or Sharjah.

The High-Powered Ride:

You can experience the cozy water by riding 30-60 mines on a high-powered water bike at Sharjah Mamzar. This is the best fit for all experts as well as beginners.

The Amazing Experience of Water Adventure

This visit is suitable for people wanting to have an outstanding water experience and appreciate the horizon of Dubai from a different angle. You can bring your friends or family on this adventure tour. with your companions or family. Experiencing the tall structures encompassing the Persian Gulf is energizing. It is just the best approach to appreciate riding fast speed gear to investigate the city from the other view side. Dubai is the ideal spot to appreciate such a water activity!

Jet Ski Dubai Price - Contact Us and Book Ticket Online

Our Jet Ski Dubai price starts at 80 AED (in the morning) and 90 AED (in the evening tour). Individuals, either non-swimmers or swimmers, the Jet Ski Dubai is a perfect spot for every adult. Our quality services and administration clarify the visitors about security measures and guidelines before they proceed as well as the price is so flexible. We offer 30-minutes, 1-hour, 1.5 hour and 2-hour rides so you can move with an exciting ride at one of the well-known shorelines. To enjoy the ride, an individual must be 19 years of age or above. Whether you are visiting Dubai for business purposes or leisure, it is the best activity to enjoy with your family and friends. Moreover, we take care of your safety by providing life jackets and giving you the necessary directions before handing you out. So wait for no further to book your adventurous water ride with us.

Other Attractive Services We Offer

We also offer you more tours.

Jet Ski Packages

Packages Dubai Desert Safari Offer
Starts From 80AED

Timing: 9 am to 2 pm
30 Min Tour - 80 AED
1 Hour Tour - 125 AED
2 Hour Tour - 250 AED
Enjoy a ride with life jackets provided for your safety. Views the beautiful sights of Dubai surrounded by Dubai’s skyscrapers at the most reasonable rates.


Packages Dubai Desert Safari Offer
Starts From 90AED

Timing: 3 pm to 7 pm
30 Min Tour - 90 AED
1 Hour Tour - 150 AED
2 Hour Tour - 350 AED
Splash the water in an amazing ride in Dubai and enjoy breathtaking views while riding at the most affordable rates


Inquiry Form

Terms and Conditions/Important Information:

  • The client must be above 18 years of age.
  • It is mandatory to submit a copy of your original UAE or International ID.
  • It is recommended to make booking 48 hours in advance to avoid the failure of accessibility.
  • The client must adhere to and follow the rules and regulations mentioned on the web.
  • After making an online booking, the client will get a confirmation email with all the important information regarding the ticket and contract.
  • In the case of tour cancellation due to poor weather conditions or technical difficulties, the company will issue a rescheduled date. However, if the client doesn’t agree on a rescheduled date or runs out of time, a complete refund will be made.
  • The client must check it before riding it off.
  • Any damage caused by the client will be claimed and the client will have to pay for all the repair costs including the cost of spare parts and 1000 AED for each day the gear is under repair.
  • If the client loses the Key to this water ride, 200 AED will be applicable.
  • The client is not allowed to enter restricted areas otherwise will be responsible for consequences.

Some Highlights of the Tour:

  • No license required to ride
  • Great water sports for Summers as well as Winters
  • Appreciate stunning views of Dubai’s horizon from water
  • Ride around famous landmarks located near the shoreline
  • Experience an exciting powerful waterborne 30-minute ride

Common Package Inclusions:

  • Variety of Jet Skis to select from
  • Life Jackets
  • Gloves (if required)