10 Best Restaurants in Dubai Mall in 2024

Posted On 20-May-2022

Residing in Downtown Dubai is the head individual’s fantasy that appears real. The iconic skyscraper has everything to come across the relish the beauty. Feel the outstanding conveniences, and abundant neighbourhoods. Such as the desert safari Dubai, Fountain show, the iconic Burj Khalifa, and of course the extraordinary variation of restaurants in Dubai Mall.

Who wouldn’t need to reside in the Downtown region? This elegant neighbourhood exemplifies the absolute in contemporary golden city residence. Residence to generous populations, unrivalled nicety, and lovely animated nightlife, That destination is the sparkling crossroad of a modern golden city in the United Arab Emirates.

There’s no suspicion about the courage of this luxurious neighbourhood though. It's the epically enormous restaurants in Dubai Mall. Also the severe shopping occasion this commercial town furnishes. The Dubai Mall is moreover an absolute sanctuary for epicureans who adore enjoying new and fancy restaurants and different delicious cuisines.

From pick-and-move food judiciaries to outstanding chain restaurants to creative stands independently. The restaurants in Dubai Mall will evacuate enthusiastic consumers spoilt for options. There are more than 200 restaurants in Dubai Mall. It frequently brings absurdity to determine. Besides, the Dubai city tour, Where to boss for your following culinary celebration.

To generate your life manageably, we’ve assembled a list of ten restaurants in the world's largest Mall. Where you can admire delicious cuisines after enjoying a massive day of shopping.

That Mall captions hundreds of eateries exactly from fresh cafés to elegant Italian diners. Also, of course, worldwide leading fast-food rows. Beneath we hop into some of these ornate restaurants.

10 Best Restaurants in Dubai Mall in 2024

Restaurants in Dubai Mall Satisfy Your Hunger

1. Cheesecake Factory:

Cheesecake Factory is discovered straight in a veneer of the Dubai Aquarium. The diner gets on huge with:

  • Over 250 menu sections and 50 impression cheesecakes and some best desserts are prepared from blemish daily.
  • Entrees and Starters including burgers, chicken Madeira and pasta.
  • 30 unique alternatives of cheesecakes
  • There is a diversity of flavourful salads and soups.

2. New Shanghai:

This grand diner is discovered on the surface ground in New Shanghai. Which parrots infiltrating a bustling freeway in Shanghai. It boldly captions limited seating boulevards with extended inflexible furniture in alleys. Here you can also place oriental portraits illuminating the embankments. The cafeteria’s extensive menu highlights:

  • Reasonable vibes for bistros
  • Established Chinese cookery in popular assisting
  • A wonderful beverages menu
  • Carefully ready Chicken and Crab Xiao Long Bao
  • Charring Mongolian Beef

3. P.F Chang’s

P.F. Chang’s is placed on the surface ground and has largely delicious lavish dinner assortments of elements. The more popular restaurants in Dubai Mall among epicureans. With its's container belief. The Dubai Mall restaurant headings:

  • Flawlessly toasted Salt and Pepper Calamari
  • The flavour invariably is delicate barely like the factors in the food.
  • Wok-fried filet mignon

4. Texas Roadhouse

Texas Roadhouse is uncovered on the shorter surface ground of the world's largest Mall. It puts up with you on a roller coaster ride of actual American flavours. All containers are tastefully ready to ooze a prosperous natural Texan flavour. The cafeteria highlights:

  • Hand-cut steaks
  • Hearty portions of delectable dishes
  • Juicy ribs
  • Steak combos off the menu
  • Freshly baked bread
  • A kids menu

5. GIA

GIA is fixed on the ground floor of the largest Mall in the world. It hellos a bright and delicate middles. The cafeteria’s accentuating cracks of dulled greys establish an outstanding, complicated environment Key cuisine brings out include:

  • Factual freshly capable Italian ordinary dishes.
  • A combination of new and traditional Italian flavours. All-day menu captioning salads, soups, pizzas, and pasta.


Encountered on the ground floor is a conventional, factual, and Turkish eatery. Encounter the culinary enchantment of Turkish cookery precisely here. The restaurant establishes the degree with:

  • Turkish flavorful cuisine
  • Artfully made cuisines for breakfast, lunch, and dinner
  • An ambience that pantomimes the taste of a Turkey environment

7. Social House

Found on the softer floor base is Social House with a personal and sensational menu with delicious worldwide flavours. The highlights:

  • A precise mixture of food that stimulates your palate
  • Impressive beliefs
  • A snappy, municipal internal fetching about an ordinary environment social House fulfilling a various menu of both the varieties of Eastern and Western cuisines
  • Delicious Asian cooking and desserts.
  • An accessible kitchen and coco perching

8. Katsuya By Starck

Fixed on the second floor is the affected Katsuya enlisting the catalogue of Dubai Mall Restaurants. The cafe offers:

  • Various menus with conventional Japanese cooking
  • Fusion sustenance and particular impression dishes to select from.
  • Sashimi, wagyu dishes and Sushi.
  • Katsuya Ambien creates a quick, easy and delicate inner with rm wood colours. The crucial apexes of the cafeteria are its timely and profitable service.

9. PepperMill

Placed on the second floor is the PepperMill cafeteria. The restaurant's zenith is unique anglo Indian receptacles. The cafeteria’s extraordinary ambience contains:

  • A sociable climate suited with imitation pepper mills and telephones.

10. Tribes Carnivore

Encountered on the second floor is the ultimate refuge for meat devotees. The restaurant’s menu requires an incredible fusion of foreign tribal African flavours halted with culinary impacts from all over the world. It’s one of the best restaurants in Dubai Mall. That conveys your flavours from all nooks of the region.

Main apexes include:

  • Main-cut beef steaks
  • A bacon-wrapped chicken
  • Tribal culinary significance. encompassing African, Arab, French and Dutch.