Al Mamzar Beach Park - An outlandish Temptation in Dubai

Posted On 17-Jun-2022

Al Mamzar Beach Park is one of the promising unusual locations to tour in Dubai. It is not loaded with visitors and the highest of the travellers do not have a proper understanding of this territory. Also, there are a lot of activities to perform in Al Mamzar Beach Park. Involves four neat and clean shores. They are famous in the name of Beach 1, 2, 3 and 4.

Dubai tourism is a substantial Legoland. It is compatible with excellent glitzy buildings, and wonder-full theme refuges. As well as water parks, fascinating past neighbourhoods and enormous fancy shopping centres. Or that’s what we anticipate when the international visitors and residents do a city tour. Some visit their friends. Meanwhile, those who live in Dubai visit Al Mamzar Beach Park with their families. It is one of those niches only residents comprehend about. Besides, the idea of visiting this grassland will be fascinating.

Al Mamzar Beach Park is positioned on a basin at the insolence of Khor Al Mamzar across the other city of UAE, Sharjah. The refuge has a lengthy distance of four peaceful white sand waterfronts. Along with blue flag significance. The refuge is about 106 hectares. It is wrapped with as many as 300 coconut trees and 1600 palm trees. The waterfront park has seaside huts. Besides, an enormous abundance of greeting green areas, and walking regions. Plus grass-wrapped picnic districts and neat & clean swimming pools. However, it is a promising temptation to calculate the leading things to do in Dubai.

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Al Mamzar Beach Park

Activities to fulfil at Al Mamzar Beach Park

1. Outdoor Fitness Routine:

You can find Al Mamzar Beach Park as an excellent area to do some outdoor fitness routine. Including jogging, walking, yoga, meditation and stretching. The park is available for overall outdoor and cardio exercises. So you can easily assign your duration and slam your fitness routine to make your lifestyle healthy and fit.

2. Swimming and Beach Sightseeing:

The grassland is residence to 4 sterile beaches, including a clean swimming pool. Besides, this area is not so packed with travellers or visitors. This quality compels it with an exact niche to admire the seaside fun and get on for swimming.

3. Admire Lovely Sunset Views:

The grassland is an exact habitat to loosen up from your hectic work or school/college day. Besides, the lovely thing is to glimpse a sunset. You can capture your pictures with the amazing moments happening on dusky evenings. Also, the sunsets that are apprehended during your entire day stay.

4. A Chalets Stay:

It also proposes Chalets that can be reserved for the day. All you need to pre-book your day by using Al Mumzar App. From there, you can the prices per day in the app. The chalets are well prepared and furnished with amazing house installations. Such as sofa, chair, table and kitchen facilities. It is a precise impression to arise with a seaside feeling!

5. Jet Ski:

Relinquish a little in water sports, such as jet skiing at Al Mamzar beach. Ride in these goblet-transparent water. For additional advice, you click a link on a jet ski. Besides, check out the best-reduced rates per ride.

6. BBQ or Picnic Spot:

Touring in Dubai can be severe in summer times. The temptations of the city of gold wander from staring at buildings to water and indoor theme parks. On the other side are Dubai Marina, Spice & Gold Souks visit and a lot of additional things to experience. Al Mamzar Beach Park is an accurate position to calm down and slow down a slight bit with your loved ones.

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Some Basic Details about Al Mamzar Beach Park:

Al Mamzar Beach Park is fixed north of the Deira Creek area. It’s on the perimeter of Sharjah but is considered an attraction in Dubai. So contemplating that people especially seaside lovers adore visiting here. Also, avail themselves of the amazing things to do.

It’s offensive to confess that a day at Al Mamzar Beach Park goes on for a count of minutes. However, in this duration, don't forget to take the best picture and have fun with your dearest ones. There is one promising thing about you, you can relish privacy. If you need to. That you’re compelled out of your conventional satisfaction area. But exploring the attraction as a tourist is a different level of fun to admire.

Some Basic Highlights:

  • It expands the area by more than106 hectares. The refuge is an affectionate, fresh opening in Dubai.
  • You will get to explore 4 neat & clean waterfronts, changing rooms with showers, and swimming pools. As well as, sun loungers, beach huts, umbrellas, appointed BBQ areas and grass-covered picnic neighbourhoods.
  • The grassland is also readied with diners and food kiosks.
  • The refuge also has a skating arena, watersports centre, an amphitheatre for music concerts and rooms to offer prayer.
  • There are considerable vehicle parking openings. Free and paid, both will be available
  • The Al Mamzar beach has a special lady's day on Monday & Wednesday. Men and children having age above 4 years. They are not allowed to visit during these days.
  • The entry ticket fee to the park is 5 AED.
  • The gate remains open from 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM.

How to Reach Al Mamzar Beach?

If you are glancing for civil conveyance. Then check out the closest metro station at Al Qiyadah or the green line. The garden is 6.5 km out from this Al Qiyadah metro station. Also, you can obtain a bus digit, which is "C28" towards Mamzar beach path. It brings you to the front gate of the park.

The Finish line:

Many visitors possibly tour Al Mamzar because of the cleaned four shores. But the refuge is also the next-level attraction. There’s an inflexible building centimetres from the refuge. Besides, actually, although it isn’t extremely high. The impression from the tower is delightful enough. To create it worth ascending the notches. Also, one additional thing is that Al Mamzar has a relatively low area. Besides, inside the refuge, you’ll possibly discern further burka-equipped females than bikini equipped. So your dress must be respectful, and never stroll around in a bikini. Especially outside the waterfront district.

  • Mondays & Wednesdays are lady's days.
  • You can borrow your chalet for a day. They are positioned in the up north direction on Beach 4.