Snoopy Island - Explore the Ultimate Beauty in Fujairah

Posted On 24-Jun-2022

Snoopy Island, the term whistles thrilling, right? It's obvious that those who adore the cartoon character can be more easily connected by Snoopy. Now have a question in mind: how the Snoopy island brought this title? Well, it is titled after the three categories of rocks, which match an impression of Snoopy napping at the top of his doghouse. Looks cool, right? Enthusiastic to learn more things about what to do on the top of Snoopy Island?

Well, for this, you need to keep reading this complete guide on Snoopy Island. It is positioned in the United Arab Emirates. It is discovered in the emirate of Fujairah. The Fujairah is only 2 hours away from the stunning city of gold, Dubai. Snoopy Island is heaven to experience the best water activities. Adventure Lovers and people obsessed with nature. Or looking for a restful area. They can now buckle up and come across to discover the top activities to explore on Snoopy Island for a fun-filled holiday experience.

Snoopy Island

Snoopy Island - Detailed Overview

Snoopy Island is a little, rocky isle encountered in the ocean off the beach of Fujairah. Which are counted as emirates in the United Arab Emirates. It is no extra than a 2-3 hours drive from the city of gold, Dubai. But you must be marvelling, it's a cute sounded name, right?

Well – it is nominated for the top most adorable cartoon character of the dog. The island is a little one, not calculating over 9,600 sqm. It contains three sections that approximate the dog's belly, nose and feet while the Snoopy is sleeping. It brings out troops of people every year. It provides to both adventure buffs and nature explorers looking for some quality relaxation & calm beside the ocean.

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This bumpy outcrop is relatively close to the "Al Aqah", a golden beach hotel. Here, the colour of the water is azure blue. Besides, the colour of the beach's sand is a glowing golden. The wonderful optical elegance of the spot is one of the major explanations. That tells why so multiple people are fascinated with this spot. Glamorous coral reefs are similarly established in the sea close by.

Some Recommendations:

  • Do not throw any trash behind, such as food or drink cans or empty bottles. Even organic trash can assume months to curdle. Meanwhile, it will persuade animals. It may compel them to stop consuming their usual food and lean on what people put behind and make them nauseous.
  • You must have a backpack prepared to obtain garbage left over by different harsh people. In the end, you are keeping nature safe.
  • Hiking or camping activities over sand and rocks. In several locations, the vegetation can withstand years of enhancement back.
  • Depart realistic and ancient elements where you discover them. Miscalculate cuisine over a campfire, instead, make use of the stove. it is a smaller effect on the forest.

How to Reach?

Ride towards Fujairah from Dubai city. It hardly takes 2-3 hours of driving. Snoopy Island is barely more than or approx 100 meters from the Fujairah coastlines.

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Activities to Explore in Snoopy Island

1. Calm down at the Sandy Beach:

Not enthusiastic to get wet in the water of the Beach? Well, no need to worry, you can eternally sit back and relax with your friends or family. While enjoying sunbathes in peace. A holiday is all about retaining the pleasure and calming down from your hectic routine, right? So, avail this opportunity and tour Snoopy Island. Furthermore, you can relieve tension in your hotel. Besides, admire the luxury installations which are furnished by the hotel.

If you are the category of visitors who wishes have some comfort and a peaceful time. For this, they must check the Sandy Beach Hotel. This incredible estate, found on the waterfront, is a quick, swimming extent out from the isle. The grand Al Hajar Mountains, founded on Fujairah East Coast. Form an extraordinary environment, while the enormous ocean is noticeable in all its recognition from the resort & the neighbour beach. Idle over on the seaside while absorbing the sunshine, along with a chilled drink and some flavorful refreshment. Or you can get on for a comfortable swim session in the tranquil sea off the shore. You can similarly swim for about 150 meters and get on at Snoopy Island.

2. Satisfy Yourself with Water Activities:

Prepare yourself for top adrenaline-pumping water activities on Snoopy Island. For example, on banana rides ride or bingo rides, you can experience every kind of thrill. Excitingly, the Sandy beach resort got a couple of cool water activities for the residents and the International visitors. Get prepared with your colleagues and family for a courageous ride on Snoopy Island, United Arab Emirates.

3. Scuba Diving:

Scuba Dive is fun when you visit Snoopy Island. The sea is warm & calm here and proposes an excellent diving circumstance for the residents and the international visitors. Beginners? Or a skilled scuba diver? Well, it doesn’t issue to which classification you relate, this island has a squad to teach you. Select your ideal scuba diving and investigate the wrecks and the gorgeous coral reefs. In improvement, you can similarly assume a diving lesson here and evolve into a skilled diver.

4. Snorkelling and Kayaking:

Additional understanding which you can’t forget to explore here is snorkelling and boat kayaking. Comprehend fetching underwater and caressing the fishes. While you belong to the snorkelling on this isle. Elegant, huh? The simple blue water, favourable breezes. Besides, apparent water awareness formulates snorkelling acceptable throughout the year. Also, it is outstanding for both pro swimmers and novices.

If you don’t go for dreamy diving into the midsts. Then get on some snorkelling session. Equipment is accessible for this water activity as well. You will obtain to be up near aquatic life. That visits in superficial waters, like a variation of turtles. Or you can grab a paddleboard or enjoy a kayaking session and try some informal sailing over.

5. Admire the Bar:

Once you are finished admiring all the coolest water activities. Then you can fetch back to the hotel and enjoy the chill atmosphere in the bar. Top to Snoopy’s Pool Bar and the Grill locale to enjoy some chill cocktails and crispy snacks. By admiring the beverages and refreshments, enjoy an impressive impression of the seaside.

All that scuba diving, kayaking, swimming and additional water activities. They must have evacuated you hungry. Moment to boss for Tropical Bar of the Snoopy Island. Well stored with a spectrum of fruit cocktails. this pub is positioned on the waterfront at Snoopy Island. The kids in your tour group can enjoy their load of fresh fruits and an assortment of delicious ice-creams.

The Pool Bar and Grill is similarly a heated ideal with international visitors planning to satisfy their taste buds. This location requires a broad assortment of cocktails and considerable replenishing snacks as the refreshments. That will retain you wanting for extra. Also, while you are suggesting the food. Relish wonderful impressions of the seaside and the shore. You would enjoy a whale of a moment.