Dubai Safari Park - Encounter the Wildlife Adventure

Posted On 03-Jun-2022

The city of gold has permanently put forward the principles of remarkable architectural surprises. Besides, the imaginative man-made miracles. The golden city of UAE already carries possession of the tallest skyscraper in the world. This town never declines to evacuate the planet awestruck by its stunning curiosities. Where Dubai Safari Park is one of them and is specially built to fascinate the visitors.

While speaking about Dubai’s extraordinary offerings. The attention plummets on the Dubai Safari Park first which is one of the extraordinary adventure parks. Where after desert safari Dubai adventure this is something to experience. The entertainment, sightseeing and wilderness places move arrow in arrow. Residence to 3,000 animals, plus rightful extra to appear.

This pocket-friendly attraction is a must tour while in the golden city of the United Arab Emirates. Record down and understand everything about this interesting spot of living. Besides, amidst the hurly-burly of the city of gold. Also, don’t forget the opportunity to disburse a day with the fantastic creatures.

Dubai Safari Park

Dubai Safari Park - Things to Experience

You will get to discover numerous things in the Dubai Safari Park. It has multiple spots to encounter along with a broad spectrum of outdoors species. Investigate these fundamental attractions of the Dubai safari park. Besides, spend a tremendous moment examining the fresh sophistication of the city of gold.

1. Safari Village:

The extensively interesting aspect of the Dubai Safari Park is its conventional available safari. Which teleports its travellers to the thick wildernesses of Asia & Africa. For a tight meeting with the vicious creatures. While one can soften in the satisfaction of the specially formulated vehicle. It is the one, which can capture the sightseeing of substantial variety. Such as baboons, zebra, water buffalo, cheetahs and deer.

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Moreover, the holiday stops at this manufactured safari park. It is incomplete without apprehending a peek at the powerful. Such as lions and glorious tigers sitting under the sun. This man-made safari park in the city of gold also displays a rippling chute. Which is an outstanding solar electrified ambition developed to improve the ecosystem.

What you should explore:

The stroll via crocodile display, open atmosphere theatres for reptile & bird displays.

2. African Village:

Stroll around the gorgeously decorated Rainforests and African Savannas while in the United Arab Emirates. The African townlet is one of the extensively well-known spots to discover. Inside the Dubai Safari Park, which accentuates massive tortoises, African wild dogs, strong white lions and chimpanzees.

What you should explore:

The satisfaction of tigers glancing through the guarding glass obstacles.

3. Arabian Village:

Stroll via the sandy Arabian deserts, landscapes of stony cliffs. Besides, the leafy green pastures of this townlet are inside the Dubai Safari Park. Tremendous happiness for visitors, who adore the Arabian desert and its amazing impressions. This area safeguards many wonderful creatures. Such as the Nilgais & Antelopes, they are normally based in confinement. Asunder from this don’t lose out on the possibility to stare at the wolves living here.

What you should explore:

A throng of generous gazelles ambling across the district.

4. Asian Village:

Another attraction in Dubai Safari park is its Asian Village. It will not decline to amaze, as it safeguards Asia’s merely tremendous ape. Asunder from apprehending the energetic old man of the jungle. One can dump the rotations at this spot to grab a stroll amidst the thick jungles. Which is surrounded by giant Komodo dragons, Moon bears and Gibbons.

What you should Explore:

The conventional East-Asian building design.

5. Wadi Village:

After bringing termination to the substantial outdoors community of African Savannah. Besides, Asian forests, this town is an outstanding place to consume a comfortable moment with family and friends. Formulated gracefully with leafy herbage. This territory distinguishes the ambition seized by the city of the gold borough. Decorated with solar energized water creeks and fishing deeps. This area prepares a tremendous active centre after a weekend of outdoors trekking.

What you should Explore:

A relieving tension area to adore the animation of the surroundings.

6. Kids Farm:

Along with the wildlife of man-made e attractions of the City of gold. Besides, being a competitive area, the trek park proposes a yard for the children. The kid's farm is particularly valid and formulated for small travellers. Who can consume the day memorizing farm creatures. Such as sheep, goats and chickens. The kids can consume an active day while relating to nature. Besides, getting to know how ponies ride as well as milk the cows.

What you should Explore:

A terrace for the children to relate to the happiness of nature

Dubai Safari Park's Future Attraction

In the future, you will get to explore 2000 new animals in the man-made attraction of the City of gold. That will be enlarged containing a herd of elephants

  • South African and Australian towns are moving to be assembled
  • Zoomobile will be inaugurated for kids to get readied with the nation of sculpture understanding tools

How to Reach Dubai Safari Park:

it is discovered on Al Waqar 5, finalized at the Hatta Road. The simplest path to attain this here is Al Awir set opposite the Hotel and Desert Palm Resort. This area is handily Available by cab.

The distance from the main landmarks in the golden city of UAE:

  • Dubai City: 23 Kms
  • International airport: 17 Kms
  • Sharjah: 30 Kms
  • Jumeirah: 25 Kms

Dubai Safari Park Timings:

For the visitors planning to tour this place presently, the timings are set from 9 AM to 5 PM customary. To grab an entire session of the trek park seizes nearly 5 hours. So It is instructed to save adequate time. So you could inspect everything which this gorgeous attraction has to offer.

Dubai Safari Park Entry Tickets Price:

For Adults: 50 AED per head

For Kids: 20 AED per head

For Combo Tickets:

For Adults: 85 AED per head

For Kids: 30 AED per head