Kite Beach - Enjoy a Lovely Evening in Dubai

Posted On 03-Jul-2022

Kite Beach in Dubai is one of the top outstanding civil beaches. It is precise for sun buffs, gastronomists and outdoor sports seekers alike. There are countless actions you can participate in. Including kitesurfing, racing, kayaking and volleyball. Alternatively, ro make your Dubai city tour mindblowing, this is a perfect option to avail. You can lead to the Kite Beach skatepark across the street. Moreover, you’ll have to grab some sports gear rental. As well as feels the merchants’ timings.

Unfortunately, we weren’t prepared to accomplish most of the entertainment because we entered delayed. Kite Beach Dubai is supposed one of the promising beach experiences for Pubic. It is credible to its reputation. Asunder from surviving a paradise for kite surfers. The waterfront delivers people everything from thrilling water activities and peculiar food trucks. To the extraordinary sun pubs and refined sand.

So, what to explore at the location that has surfers, observers and formal beachgoers fascinated? Here, all knowledge is provided with all you desire to notice. To make the highest of your excursion to Kite Beach Dubai.

Kite Beach

Water Activities at Kite Beach Dubai

Kite Beach is one of the leading areas to enjoy water activities in Dubai. Numerous assistance around the waterfront extends the rental gear. Besides, activity for numerous water-based movements. This in sense, here are some of the promising water sports in Dubai, you can experience.

Paddle Boarding:

One of the options for the best and most comfortable water activity is to experience paddle boarding. Stand-up paddleboards (SUPs) are a promising selection for families and friends. They are peering for comfortable water-based actions. Boards are accessible for solo, duos and squads. However, the rental cost relies on the variety of equipment and SUP expected. Assistance such as kiting and Surf requires movement on the beach.


For an additional lovely encounter, rent a kayak boat. It is ready 7 days a week, there are dealers at the location. They assign many solo and duo-seat kayaks for rental. Whether you crave to enjoy your time by crushing the waves solo, duo or with your squad. Then grab a romantic cruise sightseeing for your 2 individuals. Because in the end, the preference is yours.

Services like the following water activities provide kayaking at the waterfront. Here are the typical rates.

  • Price of 1-hour sole rental kayak: AED 60
  • Price of 1-hour double seat rental kayak: AED 80
  • Price of 1-hour duo rental kayak: AED 50

Kite Surfing:

A crazy lift and a whole-body exercise on the waves. That’s what characterizes an entire day of kitesurfing at the location. If you don't have the proper gear. No upsets – there is also an availability of gear shops in the region. Along with an expanse of good condition kites. Besides, surfboards and additional items are on request. Keep in mind that visitors professing to be skilled guides may be compelled to generate certificates. Before they can hire gear.

If you are nervous about your absence from experienced activity. You will be pleased to understand that the waterfront has installations for novice candidates. The School in Dubai delivers tasks and exercises for visitors who are fresh to the activity.

Timings: From 7:30 AM till 7 PM

Make your Evening Amazing at Kite Beach Dubai

People have a fascinating evening with their friends or colleagues or family with kids. They can plan the outing to tour Mirdif City Centre. But besides, they can realize that Kite Beach in Dubai, would be an excellent seaside for a kid-friendly trip.

Although they can plan to vacate their homes at about the standard trip timing. So they can complete it almost an hour before they accomplished it. The best choice for visitors to destroy their boredom was to remember some favourable memories. Later on, they can take their children to the kids’ play area. However, mostly it happens that the play area attendant can tell you. That they only receive kids above 4 years old. But no need to worry, the other play area ratifies children from age above 2 years old. The entrance ticket to the second kids' play area will be 40 AED. You will get to be with your kid as it will be his first time on a trampoline. However, you can amuse to observe to those overhyped children. They are scared of hopping on the trampoline.

When you walk with your friends or family, you can also go for the swimming option. Well, by you imply your friends or family. Meanwhile, everybody will ensure that they take their responsibility to pluck those swimming out of the water. Besides, shout till they quit swimming activity.

Today everyone can make so much fun, particularly when they recollect the last time, they had fun. A visited Kite beach Dubai, and could hardly walk and enjoy all things to do. That is mentioned afterwards in this blog. But the kids can run all over the place today. You will get to spend about 3-4 hours at the kite beach, where every second will be valuable

Places to Visit at Night

If you design your visit to a kite beach at night, then there is some advice to make your tour valuable:

  • You may forget the entertainment that occurs during the daytime. But there are additional things to explore at night. Such as skateboarding, swimming and so on.
  • If you wish to retain a cosy moment with your friends or family. Or memorize some solitary time. Then touring Kite Beach at night is your promising chance.
  • Kite Beach fetches are occupied and crowded during the weekends.
  • The Lifeguards aren’t convenient at night. However, their timings are from 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM.
  • During the summer season, it’s promising to tour the waterfront. Because during sunset avoid immediate direction to the sun.
  • Download the Careem app to fetch a quick ride from the waterfront rapidly.
  • There’s no access fee at Kite Beach.
  • Skipped getting your seaside necessities? There are spots where you can buy trendy sunglasses, beachwear, toys and so on.

Final Words:

There are various restaurants in Dubai's Kite Beach to select from. From decent breakfasts and immoral sweet delights. From regional favourites and epicurean sandwiches and burgers. There is something for every kind of person to eat at the location. Embark some chargrilled chicken from the diner JJ Chicken. Or some Italian food from the diner Kimbo Espresso Italiano. Or last but not least, have delicious hot dogs from the restaurant "This is Hot Dog".

If you like this informational guide, must read it and experience this on your own in person.