IFLY Dubai - A Thrilling Experience in UAE

Posted On 09-Jul-2022

IFLY Dubai is an indoor place where visitors can differentiate the gravity. People always wished to disobey gravity and just like a strong bird, they desired to rise into the sky. Our humorous books, our superheroes and our myth. They all retain the outstanding blessing of flying. This fiction has overseen numerous attempts to discover the masterpiece of skydiving. First, they grab elevated in the air via helicopter, chopper, or aeroplane. Besides, you hop out of the protection of your aircraft right into the atmosphere. This is a kinda adventurous tour for thrill-seekers in the IFLY Dubai.

The entire planet fabricates smoothly under you. The strong pressures of gravity that grab you down. As well as the air pressure that attempts to knock you upwards. By developing a supernatural experience. Skydiving in IFLY Dubai is a very limited proficiency. It compels you to achieve your height battle. Besides, you’re eligible for free fall and your anxiety of death. It is also expensive and desires valuable aids. The United Arab Emirates gives numerous special tourist activities and places to visit in Dubai for every local and international visitor.

IFLY Dubai

IFLY Dubai - Brief Overview

To provide you with that similar Skydiving experience in a comfortable atmosphere. Mr Majid Al Futtaim has given rise to the iFLY idea in Dubai. The iFLY Dubai is an indoor skydiving encounter formulated by creating an air compartment. It is also well-known and after the encounter, you will get to recognize it by the name “The Tunnel". It has 2 influential fans that produce enormous air. That accelerates upwards at a velocity of 200 km per hour. This speed is sufficient to stimulate any human evaluating under 115 kg into the situation.

Besides, protect the human postponed there. The compartment is concluded of acrylic and has been endlessly examined. As well as regularly authorized. There are educated professionals to assist you during your indoor diving encounter at iFLY Dubai. The professionals look out for your security and ensure you fly with complete ease. The top tour leads briefly to the location to travellers during their Dubai city tour.

What to Expect at the IFLY Dubai Experience?

As a modern diving lover, your encounter with iFLY begins, when you enter the medium. IFLY Dubai is placed in Mirdiff City Center. A glaring hostess greets you and counsels you to the kiosk. Afterwards, you will get to buy your ticket, after having access. You will be provided with the place's equipment, and then brought to the training room for the practice. You will comprehend everything about the arms, legs and hands movements in this compartment. The trainer will survey you to recognize if your diving equipment is stable and safe.

Once your turn arrives:

you will be attended to inside the subway. The immediate explosion of air provides you with a time of tremendous adrenaline and surprise. In no moment, you are awake in the air. Besides, the trainer is rectifying your awkward periods and thrashing hands. By lending them a straight direction and actions. So that you achieve the air as well as seriousness. Your anxiety about drifting, your phobia of heights. As well as, your phobia of falling vanished in a consequence of seconds. You evolved into the bird you have ever thought of drifting smoothly inside the subway. The success and gravity lend you absolute happiness

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Treasure of Moments:

You will prefer to cherish the moments of flying in the air like a superhero or a free bird. However, kindly note that bringing a camera or smartphone. Encompassing G-Pros is precisely not permitted inside the subway. You may purchase to click pictures and shots from the iFLY kiosk. However, once you go out of the tunnel. You can select the pictures and shots apprehended by requiring cameras established at vantage points. These cameras broadcast all the filming and pictures to a prominent server. While you are out of the direction, the hostess will ask you to select the best pictures and shots on the show kiosk.

iFLY Dubai is extremely comprehensive and greets all knowledge which their path by announcing. That they can provide an indoor diving encounter. To anyone with any manual challenges. All you require to retain is the fascination for achieving high victory in the sky. Besides, diving beautifully.

Tickets Price:

The starting price of tickets is 149 AED. It is a regular package that allows you to enjoy a 2-minute encounter in the iFLY tunnel. This is a reasonable package for freshers. That assists you in grasping the basic method. The price for the ultimate package is 220 AED. As well as to adore the VR experience the price is 350 AED.


IFLY Dubai is encountered in Mirdif City Center - MIRDIF, UAE


  • From Sunday till Wednesday, it is unlocked between 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • From Thursday till Saturday, It is unlocked between 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM

The VR Experience at IFLY Dubai

The earth is getting on VR, speaking VR, and approving VR at every provided chance. iFLY has previously instructed a VR encounter for you. You put on outstanding VR gear on your head. Along with a camera fastened to your eyes. You may select many choices of outdoor sites. Such as The Palm, Burj Khalifa, The Creek area, and accordingly let's get on. You will be transferred to the appointed geographical site. Besides, your skydiving encounter serves “outdoor” more fairly than indoor training. There could be gesture nausea during your VR flying encounter.

Some Tips that you should Adopt for a VR experience in iFLY Dubai:

These are the following safety tips.

  • You're supposed to achieve the platform of iFLY at least 1 hour prior. Besides, acquaint yourself with the attraction's encounter.
  • Don't skip to pay full awareness to the security tips and safety details. Besides, must partake in the exhibitions. This will give rise to you additional satisfaction and enthusiasm. When you enter the flying subway.
  • Indoor diving is a low-danger training. However, ensure that, you have no sicknesses or injuries connected with the neck & shoulders. If you undergo vertigo, then you must experiment with it.
  • Pregnant women must prevent the iFLY encounter.
  • If you have plaster or bandage things, then kindly avoid them too.
  • It would assist if you did not endure a dislocation of a shoulder.
  • It would be generously if you did not have any damage connected to the backbone
  • It would enable if you were slight above 180 cm tall
  • Your weight must be under 105 kg.
  • Kids above 2 years old are eligible to enjoy iFLY diving. However, the favourable age is 5.
  • All children under 18 years must retain parental permission via an approval sign-off paper.
  • Flight uniform and helmet that are compelled for diving in iFLY are furnished
  • Kindly put on well-fitted boots and prevent loose sandals, high heels or loafers.
  • Kindly put on prosperous costumes, such as jumpers etc. It would bring about it simply to put on a Sky coat on a maximum of it.