Dubai Creek Park - A Breathtaking Place for Family Holiday

Posted On 27-May-2022

In prosecution, you are peeking for an isolated Paradise. As well as a quite courageous evening with your family. Dubai Creek Park is a breathtaking views place for you to make a family holiday. Travellers can admire numerous outdoor activities. That can persuade anyone. Besides, allow them to get out of their hectic and tedious schedules.

You will find it the second-largest park in Dubai. The Creek Park encompasses endless acres of gardens. Which let children enjoy play areas and lawns. For this, the best Dubai tour operators will help you visit. If you're new in this city of gold. To deplete the biggest and most Dubai memorable moment with your friends and family. Must walk across here, it is the thriving fresh surroundings concurrently with the calm wind arriving from the sea.

Creek Park Dubai opened in 1994, it is one of the historical and hugest parks in Dubai. This garden stands jointly with the perimeter of a saltwater river. By water, it is available and has a cottage car, three helipads, an information centre, and a room for an emergency.

Dubai Creek Park

Dubai Creek Park - Everything You Need to Know

The Entrance:

You will get to explore five gates in Dubai Creek Park for entrance. However, three of them are on the central road. Meanwhile, the remaining two are positioned on one viewpoint of the Al Maktoum bridges and Al Garwood.

The entrance fee is just AED 5 per person. Many tourists looking for a Dubai city tour come across and lift the moment. At four landings at the place, boats that arrive from Dubai and Deira Creek get welcomed. On the additional arrow, you could bring the metro to attain gate 4 of the park. Still, the adulthood the travellers wish to appear through gate 2.


It opens from Sunday to Wednesday. Besides the Dubai Creek Park opens from 8:00 am to 10:00 pm.

However, from Thursday to Saturday and on civil holidays, it continues to be available from 8:00 am to 11:00 pm.

A broad span of marine life is funded by the river tepid and insignificant waters of the city of gold. Dhows get utilized for the fishing activity and can now be rented for a quiet traverse. To relish the tranquillity of the region. The creek area participated largely as the past says, ascertaining the financial role of the golden city. Which is the mere haven or haven in the town. You cannot dismiss the elegance and importance of the creek area.

Things to Do at Dubai Creek Park

We discuss what are the main things to do at Dubai Creek Park. Let's check out

Mountain Biking:

For the committed and professional mountain bikers. There is an amazing kind of suppleness and extraordinary supervision. Besides, suddenly promising courage to whip the terrain of the world. Mountain biking has evolved into a great outstanding outdoor sport in the golden city of the UAE. Regional bikers constantly have to confront the hot temperature or other weather circumstances. As they don’t reap an excellent riding environment.

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Therefore, it never prepares them to be saddened from questioning themselves. On limited roads and paths of Dubai Creek Park. That eventually swerves into vertical slopes.

Epic Restaurants:

If you love to enjoy seafood for your lunch or dinner. Then you will appreciate the delicious restaurant food At Dubai Creek Park. That can let you enjoy the attraction of seafood. From every fraction of the nation, you may discover different cuisines. But here, you will admire the mouthwatering cuisines with the amazing sunset views. Moreover, In the Creek area, you will appreciate the promising seafood rather.

Shop and Stop:

The Pearling business of the golden city formed the prominent district of the economizing. Presently, the gold marts are the leading quotation of exports. Creek Park clenches various available market circumstances. Also, if you are present then don't skip to Stop and Shop.

You might be marvelling to retain a sensational experience of shopping. Which will be in the enormous malls in the city of gold. No doubt, here brand categories affirm themselves. Besides, nobody wants to buy online now. As every denomination has its elegance and significance. If you shop in person.

Children’s City:

Do you like to consume an entire day with your children solely? Why don’t you select Dubai Creek Park's amazing things to do with your kids. This is the one and only Children’s City to memorize a day with maximum entertainment.

Of course, it would be a promising choice for you and your youngsters will adore it.

An indoor information centre is best known for the "Children’s City". which authorizes the kids to memorize with various arrows on training. Here, you will encounter a world science museum. Besides some advanced technology and planetarium. Also, last but not least is an international event and a health centre.

Children under 6 years old can admire the fun in a play area for toddlers. It has bunches of fun-filled sports and additional actions. For children and adults too, Al Ajyal Theatre is a good area to disburse some previous and quality time with friends and family.

The top adequate fees vary from 15 AED to 20 AED per person. You can attend the visit from Sunday - to Thursday from 9:00 am - 7:00 pm. Besides, the time of weekends is 2:00 to 8:00 pm.

Dubai Dolphinarium:

You will appreciate the amazing Creek Park dolphin show at the Dubai Dolphinarium. In some events, you may just encounter staring marks. That bounce via juggle and hoops. At periods, you may just receive an opportunity to move and enjoy swimming with dolphins. At the Creek Park, you have a chance to discover dolphins.

There you will admire encountering a 5D & 7D theatre jointly. With 20 unique varieties of birds, a mirror maze and a trampoline cabin. In Additional, this place is adequately loved by the children. Besides, you can sure celebrate birthday festivities. Also, enjoy school picnics, which are pleasant all the duration.

Dubai Dolphinarium is available from Monday - to Saturday. Where the timing is 10:00 am - 07:30 pm. However, the Sundays remain closed.

Picnic at a BBQ Station:

You must adore intending picnics and family gatherings with your loved ones. At Creek Park Dubai, you may encounter a lot of BBQ senses. Where you can arrive with friends and family to lift your precious moments of the day. Creek Park is starred with enormous BBQ stations

Ride Dhows in Water:

Would you prefer to drive a stiff dhow or a water taxi?

You will appreciate the peace and composure of the ocean. While remembering sluggish transportation over the Creek Park Dubai. It will be a reasonable period for your excursion. You may understand that sovereignty in Hollywood movies with the climate. You could sure attend a small walkway. Which is extremely great near the dhow neighbourhood.

Mini Golf at Dubai Creek:

For golf enthusiasts, there is a favourable announcement. At Dubai Creek Park, there is a mini gold having an 18-hole class accessible for golf buffs. The plurality of the golf aficionadi reaches here barely to enjoy playing mini-golf.

Ride a Cable Car:

Have you ever enjoyed a cable car ride? Your children scarcely expect to enjoy a cable car ride. You can celebrate this recreation, which is approx a 30-minute passage. That coats 30 metres into the atmosphere. You will wrap 2.3 kilometres of the park while riding. The skyline of old Dubai can be discerned along with the buildings on Sheikh Zayed Road.

The fee prices are 25 AED for Adults and 10 AED for kids. This area is available from 08:00 am - 11:00 pm during winter. However, the time of summer starts from 05:00 pm to 09:00 pm.

Mini Train Ride:

Here appears additional considerable activity to generate your excursion incredibly. Which is an enjoyable mini train ride. The mini-train enables everyone to remember a minor ride on the roads. Besides, enjoy the visit to the Creek Park. You can encircle the supreme neighbourhoods of Dubai Creek Park real quick via mini train. It is an accurate ride for both kids and adults.

The Finish Line:

As the journey reaches to end, Dubai Park has every fulfilled activity. Which you're looking for to make your excursion fun-filled and memorable. Distant from that, there are many free facilities to enjoy. Besides, the low wages can prepare it feasible to celebrate for every age group.

It is completely up to you what things to do you prefer largely. With this excellent temptation sense in the golden city. It is reasonable for every traveller. It is one of the most promising and extensively incredible areas. That you will ever your in just 5 AED.