Love Lake - An Ultimate Romantic Attraction in Dubai

Posted On 23-Jul-2022

Dubai city lets you explore its ntic and native side "Love Lake". There is no deficiency of outstanding things to explore in Dubai. Every year, it unlocks extra and better marvels. That brings all of us amazement. Asunder from the world's tallest buildings and hugest malls. There is also plenty of natural beauty in Dubai city. As well as some artificial ones. From where love lake comes one of them.

But What appears to mind when you assume the freshest Dubai places? Many of you would think about the Miracle Garden.

However, the planet appeared to know about Love Lake Dubai. When the garland prince Mr Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed experienced a portrait of this unnatural lagoon on his Instagram handle. Since then, the attraction has had evolving visitors every month. However, you can also Google it by the name of Al Qudra Lake.

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Love Lake

Love Lake Dubai Detailed Overview

A love lake In The Middle of the sand is Encountered in an arid desert. The love lake Dubai and the leafy sanctuary surrounding the location have a magical view. When you explore in any way from it, you will find only sand as distant as the eye can discern except for this patch. It is uncovered broadly away from all the main city centres. So the question arises why is it named Love Lake?

To find the answer, you have to rise. The lagoon stares like two connecting hearts from above. Two Hearts showed a district of 550,000 square metres. So, what adequately to name it then Love Lake? However, the trees also spell out ‘Love’. Devoted to every hairsbreadth to love, it can handle ily authorised as one of the top romantic places in Dubai.

Why Should You Encounter Love Lake?

Love Lake is more extensive than just a picnic or barbecue spot. Also, it is a spot for an evening walk. The Love lake is one of the creative attractions in Dubai.

  • The site is so friendly and peaceful and situated far away from the UAE's golden city. It is your alternative if you plan to consume the best evening experience with your family and friends. Also, admire some peaceful time alone.
  • From here, you will notice the top beautiful sunset in the city of gold. The sun gives an orangish glow, as well as the golden sands, and foliaisare beyond the words that can be described. This reasonable time to tour is before sunset. But make sure an hour prior.
  • When the weather is good, you can consume hours in the refuge. Barely exploring everything around you, while admiring the birds’ songs.
  • Moreover, this is an outstanding park for planning picnics, pet walking, and jogging. Because you will find no residential centres around. You won’t notice multiple runners here. You will appear as occasional cyclists who attend the park.
  • Get your feet wet by walking in the cold water. Besides, the signboards streak the simple quantities of the attraction.
  • One part of the lagoon is a fish pond overflowing with Goldfish and Koi Carp. Koi Carp may shock you with its huge moth. But these fish are flawlessly stable to touch. They don’t give you harm by biting.
  • There are also multiple Instagrammable places in Love Lake park. All of them are in numerous silhouettes and structures of the heart.
  • When you glance at the lagoon from the waterfront. Also, you won’t discern the heart pattern but just a sunken lake. It would be generous to bring the whole portrait. at least 50 meters up to the ground.
  • So your just alternative is to drift a drone or explore it via helicopter. The recent choice is not feasible now. There is a simple workaround. Only a glimpse at the satellite impression of love lake on Google maps.

Al Qudra Lake – A Romantic Attraction in the Arabian Desert

Love Lake is located in the Al Qudra refuge in Dubai, UAE. An individual with romance in the soul will discover this spot overwhelming. The huge wooden excavating on the entrance is the main pair of hearts. That greets you at the park's entrance.

  • Like you will get to see that Love is everywhere. Such as in the atmosphere, on top of stones, trees, water and even walls. There is an extraordinary assortment of flowers and plants to formulate it even nicer.
  • About 16,000 plants and trees are found in the park of it. The departments of the trees, shrubs, begonia and everything are in the shape of the heart. Also, nature evolves a portion of your admiration. Fall in fondness with your mate over and over again.

Installations in Love Lake Dubai

Love Lake is an announcement of Dubai’s environmentally friendly conception of fortune. Each part of this is eco-friendly, where refuge benches to tissue boxes are created of biodegradable substances. You can glimpse basins brought about by bamboo & tree.

  • A fenced region called Hadirah in the refuge has picnicking installations, Such as barbecue stands, running water, benches and washrooms. The park contains three jogging tracks approx 7 kilometres long. These parks’ ways twinkle in the dark, By preparing the refuge desirable for jogging after sunset. Just the stones that caption the extent of the path are in the heart-shaped feature.
  • The map of the attraction and the park is inscribed on a wooden shaft near the gate entrance. You can watch the heart in everything here. Such as, you will get to discover a heart-shaped badminton court. From which you are not authorized to touch. It is just made for snapping images.
  • The red flowers bunch in the garden shapes a huge red heart. Because of this, love lake is one of the top photogenic attractions in Dubai.
  • But you will not find any shop or restaurant close to Love Lake as of presently. So make sure to bring your food and water with you.
  • No lamps are available. But, there are plenty of wooden benches for you. So you can sit and admire the view. Moreover, there are swings of huge tree limbs if you like to have some fun. However, these are not sufficient for kids.

Love Lake - Basic Things to Know

  • No entrance fee is required.
  • If you intend to drift drones in the refuge, get formal authorizations from the administrations.
  • Avoid feeding fish and birds in the park.
  • You will not find a wheelchair for the disabled in love lake park.
  • Deserts during the winter months are extensively colder than the towns. So dressed properly and put on an upper or jacket when you appear.
  • Do not barbecue in places additional than those prohibited for the motive.
  • The leftovers of Barbecue, like burnt charcoal, are dangerous. Especially if they receive in the water cascade.
  • Avoid wearing High heels, they are not authorized in some fractions of the park.
  • A 4X4 drive is generously when you visit Love Lake. That entity announced that there is no damage in driving a regular car.
  • Littering at the park's corners, it is simple to get fined. There are a bunch of containers in the region. Utilize them. Top of the parks in Dubai pursues related regulations.