Dubai Ice Rink - An Ultimate Guide for First Timers

Posted On 29-Sep-2022

Dubai Ice Rink is a skating arena on the frost that is developed with frigid water. Along with an assortment of chemicals to prepare it for skating. Besides, numerous different winter athletics. Some of the events include bandy, hockey on frost, ringette, rink bandy, speed skating and broom ball etc.

Dubai Ice Rink

Terms of Dubai Ice Rink

There are numerous sessions at the Dubai Ice Rink. The round circumstance is as below!

Ice Skating Sessions for Public

It is available for the public as a reminder of its term. Whether you wish to fine-pitch your mastery in skating on frost. If or barely wish to carry in the leisure and enthusiasm of skating on the frozen water. This session for 105 minutes is an incredible preference.

Freestyle Skating

Organised by detailed whirls, leaps, foot activities, etc. it is formulated solely for experienced skaters, who crave to strengthen their capabilities in skating.

DJ Night Disco:

You will glimpse the ice rink in Dubai city swerving into a super-enthusiastic disco floor. Along with a citizen, DJ fascinated you throughout this nearly 2-hour session. This offers you an incredible relief to boast on the ice rink of your graceful dance moves.

Dubai Snowfall:

This duplicates a precise environment for your skating on a frost trial. Along with plummeting snowflakes in the environment.

Family DJ Party:

In this enjoyable family DJ contest, let your colleagues or gang members. Including small ones and the catch-up with you. It enables you to glide or drift to some pastime music through the frozen water.

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The Dubai Ice Rink Training Academy (DIRSA) delivers excellent activity proposals. To enhance or improve your skating abilities. Whether you are starting fundamental tasks or progressing in skating or hockey. You can also sign up for your children for skating on frost programs, But make sure the age must be 4 years or above.

Hardly assigned from group tasks (up to 10 persons per class). As well as, you can take private lessons (for you only). Or the option of the semi-private lesson is available, where there will be three people including you. Along with the great skilled trainers, the lesson endures for seven weeks. Besides, with a 30-minute session once, two or three times a week. Certificates will be given upon victorious completion of the program. The academy is also run worldwide.

Dubai Ice Rink Different Tickets and its Costs

There are numerous classifications of tickets for the Dubai Ice Rink.

1. Public Sessions:

  • For a kid under the height of 100 cm: AED 40.00
  • For an Adult: AED 75.00
  • Freestyle Skating: N/A

2. Snowfall Sessions:

  • For a child below the height of 100 cm: AED 40.00
  • For an Adult: AED 75.00
  • Freestyle Skating: N/A

3. Golf on Frozen Water:

  • The golf session costs 40 AED per person.

Some Basic Information about Dubai Ice Rink

Dubai Ice Rink is not only restricted to skating on frost courses and trials. But it also gives more than that basis of fun which includes:

  • Public Skating Sessions on frost
  • Ice Skating Lessons & Certification
  • Snowfall Sessions
  • Freestyle Skating Sessions on frost
  • Birthday Packages
  • Golf on frost
  • Skating aids
  • Riding Bikes on frost

Skating Aids:

Dubai Ice Rink is for all plan skating lovers to skate on frozen water. I marvel at how tinier kids or visitors keep their initial walks on the glazed floor. Without any prior experience. Here the goal of skating aids appears. Such as Bob States, Snowman, Penguin Pals etc. Penguin pals and bob skates are formulated precisely for kids under the height of 100 centimetres. While snowman & seal aids are acceptable for kids above 12 years old.

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Dubai Ice Rink Dress Code:

You need to wear comfortable warm clothing while skating on frozen water on the Dubai Mall trip. Due to its first-class chilly and raw setting. You should blend your clothing with thick socks, gloves, sports shoes, etc. These are essential for your kids in person.

If your skating tour pertains to an IceByke / eByke ride. Then wear perfect-fit pants, make sure your pants are not loose. Not to comment, but say a huge no to the gowns, scarves, long coats etc.

Timings or Opening Hours:

The Timings or opening hours of the Dubai Ice Rink are from 10 AM till 12 AM. The good thing about this is it keeps its door open for all seven days a week.

Address or Location:

You can locate the arena on the ground floor of Dubai Mall.

Best Time to Explore:

This indoor attraction is formulated as the reason to beat the extreme in Dubai. also, the other advantage is that it remains available throughout the year. While you can explore or enjoy the activities here whenever you crave for. However, it's completely on you to explore during the summer or winter months.

Dubai Ice Rink's Rules and Regulations:

  • Follow the command of the marshals ' safety instructions.
  • Stay away from the obstacles of climbing or sitting on.
  • Do not nourish in actions such as spraying, building frost holes or throwing.
  • Do not skate at violent speeds.
  • Ensure your skull if you fall.
  • Set your fingers in the balls to conserve them from the wound.
  • Be watchful when skating; do not jump or push your fellow skaters. Also, be nice to other skaters in the rink.
  • Whip-changes, Tag games and others are not ratified.
  • The staff has the freedom to ban skaters from the Ice rink. Or the assumption itself if they do not obey any of the laws. Or other approaches set out above.

Safety Measurements for the Adults and Children:

  • Even though you can take your skates, safety gear or other essentials. From the on-the-spot shop. However, you can also borrow them for rent or even purchase them. The skate shop also trades thick socks and other gadgets necessary for ice-skating.
  • Children under one metre can obtain safety helmets free of cost.
  • There are safes accessible to save your special belongings securely. But, a minor charge of AED 15 (per tour) is relevant.
  • First-aid space including the assistance of on-site nurses. As well as glaze systematisation is made accessible.
  • Besides the work of progressive technology to conserve the provision's exclusive quality level. It assigns appliances like Zamboni to maintain the density of frozen water.
  • There are also some amazing restaurants in Dubai mall, where cafes are included.