Bounce Abu Dhabi: A Comprehensive Guide

Posted On 10-Nov-2022

Since its entrance is applicable in 2018, Bounce Abu Dhabi has fulfilled one of the best indoor platforms in the emirate. It is proposing amazing and fun things to do and explore for kids and grown-ups. After the tremendous achievement of Bounce Dubai, then this indoor trampoline refuge is an agreeable extension to the capital’s record. Also, there is a list of personal family-friendly temptations. Here’s all that you desire to comprehend about Bounce Abu Dhabi.

Bounce Abu Dhabi - Complete Overview

Bounce Abu Dhabi

Bounce is a front crawl court with its lineages in Melbourne Australia. Presently, they employ 32 directions across four mainlands. Bounce also has a significant composure in the United Arab Emirates. Along with departments regulating in Dubai, Al Ain and Abu Dhabi.

The vision of Bounce is modest yet sensational. The indoor platform has inter-attached trampolines. Along with airbags to shatter your drop!

Kids from 3 years old and above and also grown-ups can admire an announcer of epinephrine activities. Such as zip-lining, ‘ninja’ obstacle and slam-dunking courses. Bounce Abu Dhabi Trampoline Park is considered one of the amazing locations in the emirate to declare your internal acrobat.

After its incredible prosperity in Al Quoz, Dubai, Bounce prepared its debut in the capital city of UAE in 2018 at the Marina Mall. This platform is relatively enormous in-ground size than the chain in Dubai city. So, whether you are an adventure enthusiast or a fitness lover. Or someone glancing for an enormous position to support kids receive some physical entertainment. Then Bounce Abu Dhabi at Marina Mall is the position to explore.

Let’s now examine some of the promising things to do at this extraordinary civic playground.


This amazing Trampoline Park at Marina Mall also shows five party spaces for birthday parties and personal events. The platform is one of my favourite spots. To arrange kids’ birthday or surprise parties for adults in the emirate.

Ticket Prices:

Bounce Abu Dhabi at Marina Malla needs a large assortment of tickets and the best packages for visitors. Here is a summary of the best deals and ticket prices:

General Entry:

85 AED for the initial hour and 70 AED for the other hour (visitors who are taller than 110cm can enjoy jumping)

Junior Members:

The first hour costs 75 AED and the second hour costs 60 AED (visitors who are taller than 110cm can enjoy jumping)

Premium Access:

The First-hour costs 105 AED and the second hour costs 90 AED

2-Hour Superpass: AED 120

Multiple Visit Cards (MVP):

Get 5 visit cards for 400 AED

Get 10 visit cards for 750 AED

Get 20 visit cards for 1350 AED

You will also discover free parking space at Marina Mall. But do notice that since Bounce is an outstanding platform in Abu Dhabi. It is great to book your pre-ticket reservations.

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First Floor at Marina Mall in the capital city of UAE, Abu Dhabi

Contact Details: +97143211400


  • From Saturday to Wednesday. The timings are 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • On Thursday and Friday, the timings are 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM
  • On lady's day, which is Wednesday, the timings are 06:30 PM – 10:30 PM

Things to do at Bounce Abu Dhabi

Including the trampolines, Bounce also shows slacklines, zip lines and a side. That drives across this indoor kid's park in Abu Dhabi city. Things to explore that you can admire at the Trampoline Park contain:

Free Jump:

Free Jump is the fundamental setting at Bounce accentuating over 100 corresponding trampolines. Along with colourful and large multi-coloured areas. The setting is considerable for amateurs and professionals alike. From where they can rehearse backflips and additional gravity-flouting tricks. Also, if you drop, you can hop right back on alert and attempt again!

X Park:

Another thing to explore is X Park, it is a hurdle circuit for everyone obsessed with evolving into a ninja. The circuit is uncovered behind a railing inside the Trampoline Park. Also, it is available to every individual who is above 125 cm in height. Three ninjas are existing here to support you along your manner. X Park Ninja Warrior method has 13 barriers on one ground. This is lighter than the quantity at the platform in Dubai. However, they are identically formidable. The lesson assesses your climbing, jumping, gymnastics and running mastery. However, it also gives a holistic exercise.


Here’s one training that you can appreciate with companions in family and friends. The Trampoline Park has two Dodgeball palaces where you can manipulate squads of up to eight performers. The palace also has huge airbags including an air of about 200 cubic metres.


This one is an extraordinary workout for amusement lovers. Performance is a developed phase of the Free Jump accentuating a huge 5.5 m eternity wall. This is a tremendous position to sharpen your athletic aptitudes. Also, it develops your strength and flexibility.

The Wall:

The Trampoline Park in Abu Dhabi also bestows you an opportunity to oppose sincerity. Also, it evolves into a wall adventurer. Of course, it will take a while before you can receive the droop from it.

Big Bag:

Before you lead to the developed trampolines, you can exercise by jumping and flipping on the Big Bag. It is a huge airbag that has a profundity of five hoofs. Kids and Adults are instructed to retain a comfortable distance. So that other visitors can obtain the area and prevent injuries.

What Else Can I Explore At Bounce Abu Dhabi?

Bounce Abu Dhabi retains a 40-metre slip and also a Quick Drop. That is a freefall encounter for the courageous ones. You will also discover a considerable Super Tramp. As well as an advanced trampoline, which is about 19-metre above.

Characteristics To Consider:

You desire to maintain limited things in mind when scheduling an excursion to Bounce Abu Dhabi:
  • You need to put on sports shoes before entering the X Park
  • There is a cafe in the pub sector and you are not allowed to bring food items or drinks from outdoor
  • You need to put on personal bounce socks (they are included in the entry ticket)
  • The Trampoline Park requires adequate activities to consume the entire day. However, there are additional cool things to explore at Marina Mall. Including a tour of the popular Wonder Maze.
  • You can also examine the biggest play regions for kids in Abu Dhabi. So you can admire activities. Such as arcade games, laser tag and bowling.