Dubai Water Canal – The Present Waterway Attraction

Posted On 06-Oct-2022

Deira Creek neighbourhood has strengthened and glimpsed the improvement of Dubai from its timeliest days. Formerly, the city of the future has unlocked the Dubai Water Canal, it is a billion-dollar section of the exemplary Creek. It extends from the old Creek and departs through the Business Bay and Design District, to assemble the Arabian Gulf. Matter, it also pares across the Sheikh Zayed Road.

It took 3years and the makers spent about 2.7 billion Dirhams on their construction. Composing the bridge of Sheikh Zayed Road over the water canal alone was about half a billion dirhams. This mission has practically veered an enormous piece of Dubai city into an Island.

Dubai Water Canal

Dubai Water Canal - All You Required to Appreciate

This development of the Dubai Creek is known as the Dubai Water Canal, it is about 3.2 km high and will be exploiting a fundamental position in forthcoming growth possibilities for the city. Likewise, Dubai has amplified additional lovely locations to its catalogue of attracting coasts.

In 2013, Dubai declared openly the advent of the program. After 3 years, the water canal was freed to show in late 2016. Occurring in the mid-area of downtown, this is a promising attraction in Dubai to showcase the incredible skyline of the city. Separated from being a city's tourist attraction, the canal similarly procedures as a conveyance. Dubai Water Canal is notable for its wonderful environmental fondness.

Dubai Water Canal from the Boardwalk Sceneries to glimpse the views

The duct is 120 metres large in the vastest ingredient, as well as 80 metres deep in the thinnest portion and 6 metres in profundity. Numerous creatures engage visitors to the water canal sector. There are extra than reasonable aspects to alleviate gastronomers, duos out. For a lovely evening, friends, families, and youngsters. You will see various walkers, cyclists and runners near the boardwalk. The 12-km track for cycling overtures riders in a danger-free and signal location, away from the traffic.

The gliding towers of Al Habtoor city are one stop at Safa park close to the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge. The building of the Dubai water canal provided the Business bay. With a renovation preparing it as one of the tourist attractions and overseeing the economy. entries of Dubai.

One element that selects this position separately is the comprehensive supervision carried out to formulate it as environmentally safe as credible. Hundreds of decoration lights and street lamps across the water canal are generated by solar boards and charge up during the daytime. The posts also have stations to charge cell phones in them. Even when you disburse hours on end by clicking images. You don’t need to think about your phones or cameras running out of charge.

Perks for Cyclists in Dubai Water Canal:

A cycle ride from Ghubaiba to the water canal will give you a detailed portrait of Dubai’s improvement. You will launch from the former concession of the heritage neighbourhood in the Shindig. A handful of those mud-coloured facilities are hundreds of years ancient. From there, if you glance towards Deira’s viewpoint, those are the firstest buildings built in the 70s.

Then as you glide ahead towards the Business Bay, the escape slowly modifies. The skyscrapers launch reaping taller and extra differently. Also, the roads will be additional full-scale. When you commence noticing the top of the Burj Khalifa, you realise that it is the elevation of the new Dubai.

The advancement around the water canal is yet undertaken. Once it is completed, 80,000 square metres of the district are on both sides of the tunnel. It will come to be an intersection for leisure and abundant living.

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Bird's eye view:

Once the advancement is finished, it will outshine Dubai Marina in everything. The proposed undertakings contain three big improvements, such as Jumeirah, the Gate Towers and The Peninsula. One of them will be a commercial opening lounging over 300 thousand square km. Also, the three floors include a rooftop garden with a park. The peninsula will improve the existing Jumeirah Beach park. It will enlarge a kilometre of the beach district to the grassland.

Important edifices are taking place close to the Marasi Business Bay promenade. It includes fun and additional competitive installations. Safa Park & Jumeirah Beach Park are also elevated in the years following the vacancy. There are proposals to manufacture 5,300 extravagant housings and various hotels. That ignores the canal, though these are yet in their preliminary stages.

There are already Yacht and dhow cruises regulating across the Dubai Marina and Creek. When you get a dhow cruise sightseeing, you can admire the remarkable perspectives and a delicious buffet dinner at the identical time.


A canal is a suitable position for walkers. Every apparent rung has been adopted to extend reasonable luxuries. For those who appear here by walking. There are a whole 5-footbridges to get to experience. However, One of them is the S-shaped Tolerance Bridge, which is 200 metres high.

All footbridges are compositional manifestations and have extraordinary plans. The 120-metre Safa bridge droops from two large Y-shaped jetties. Metal cables attached to the jetties carry the burden of the bridge floor. The third of them is like a crooked section of enclosures.

The swirling footbridge except for the Tolerance Bridge, all other bridges retain elevator entry to the top. Rather, the tolerance bridge has an oblique curve to help cyclists.

Restaurants Near Dubai Water Canal:

The Water Canal sector is also running to be a paradise for astronomers. Yet there are limited tremendous choices for dining, you won’t find as numerous as you will in the area of Marina. However, we wish the position will be brimming with diners in a few years.

You will discover fine dining choices in the Atrium at Al Habtoor city. If you expect extra diners, some of them are close to the Jumeirah beach area. Whichever you select, you will wish to fuel up after the extended stroll along the duct.

The Waterfall:

The waterfall is another beauty here on the Sheikh Zayed Road bridge, it is a crucial temptation in the water canal. It is on the element of the bridge that faces away from Al Habtoor City. This computerised waterfall surges with purple & blue lights. When a dhow ratifies beneath the bridge. Besides, detectors pick it up and unlock the fountain such as a curtain. It shuts down again when the show has passed and is distant enough. It utilises 80 vapour pumps to grab the water from the canal.

Fountain Timings: The timings are from 8 PM to 10 PM.