VR Park Dubai – Explore a Virtual Reality Park at Dubai Mall

Posted On 13-Oct-2022

There was a time when the SEGA Republic game park in Dubai Mall was not available. Besides, gamers all over Dubai grieved their failure. SEGA was an important attraction, especially with international travellers with children. But, presently we have something even more incredible than the SEGA Republic. However, the place to celebrate the victory is in Dubai Mall. Yes, we are talking about the brand new VR Park Dubai arrival. Also best known as Virtual Reality, it is a theme park for indoor gaming and is found on the 2nd level at Dubai mall, also its ice rink session is fascinating. Enthusiasts of SEGA Republic, read our comprehensive guide and let’s grab a look at what it is all about. Or just how much pleasure you can save there!

VR Park Dubai

VR Park Dubai - A Comprehensive Guide

It blends Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) to furnish 18 fascinating rides and flawless encounters. If you wish to circumvent your life’s despicable fact into the contentment of virtual reality. Then must try VR Park Dubai encounter, the main of its aspect in the Middle East. This gamer’s sanctuary appeals to multiplayer occasions, in an endeavour to facilitate budgeted escapism.

It gives VR and AR encounters that encircle the gamut of the playing topography. Whether you wish to play horror games, adventurous activites, relief games etc. You’ll discover it all there in VR Park at Dubai Mall. Moreover, it requires every amazing location-established immersive encounter asunder from VR and AR rides and gaming.

Best Time to Visit:

You can visit any time because each time you visit you will get fascinated by its amazing things to do. If you are at Dubai Mall and not a shopping lover then visit VR Park to admire the perplexing planet of virtual reality.


It remains open from Monday to Sunday, however, the opening hours are from 10 AM to 2 AM.


2nd floor at Dubai Mall

Ticket Price:

The entrance fee at VR Park is free, however, if you desire to enjoy rides, then you will have to purchase the tickets. Every ride or gaming has ticket prices that you can purchase per game. It varies from the price range of 15 AED to 200 AED.


If you visit VR Park for the first time, you wish to learn the dos and don’ts of the location. Here are some insider rules that enable you to drive VR Park successfully.

  • Schedule your excursion to VR Park for a working day. As it inclines to be relatively occupied during the weekends.
  • Settle aside a healthy quantity of duration, when you step in at the VR Park since it carries time to get in and experiment with some games.
  • Youngsters who crave to admire VR games must correspond to a minimum height limitation of 110cms.
  • If you wish entry to 7 of the prime encounters here. Then get a Gold Pass of 200 Dhs and get prepared for the best moment. You can also obtain the Gold Pass at the entrance line at VR Park.
  • If you are a credible VR enthusiast, then buy a Power Pass that costs 192 AED. Then celebrate by playing all the games you wish for 3 hours. You can only buy the Power Pass online.

VR Park Dubai Mall Rides

For those who have encountered the pleasures, Dubai VR Park provides a comparable scintillating background. You will get to experience games, rides and amazing fun for all age groups.

1. APEX:

This game permits you to fulfil an enormous weaponized cybernetic Ape. You are supposed to be prepared to manipulate any weapon to exit your inventor. He or she wishes to save you captive. Also, he or she blows up violent drones at you and you are clapping at them. while dangling off the perimeter of a building. You have to throw bomb missiles and take up evil war bots. Each of them at the time of offsetting on a harmful limited catwalk, which will provide you with an understanding of disastrous vertigo. If you’re not willing for this game.

2. Burj Drop:

Have you ever marvelled at how Burj Khalifa’s window purifiers organise to maintain the windows neat to the ceiling? The game will let you know the details, here you’re that window cleaner who is hanging on for valuable life. Comprehend your cords, begin snapping, one by one and you commence lowering to the ground. The game lets you know how you fall from the Burj Khalifa and survive a severe connotation of vertigo to protect yourself at the conclusive minute. Here, you’ll understand the anxiety of that drop. As though you are completely falling from the tallest building on the planet. It’s completely fearsome!

3. The Raft:

The Raft can be played by a four-player amazing where four players have to exit the excitement of miraculous affliction. You can win this only by stirring squadrons. In this game, the four players board the Raft along with their companions. Also, plant to the courage of a marsh where you’ll battle ghostly things. These creatures will assault from the shore, the water and the sky. Also, you’ll have to fight them to keep up.

4. Challenge Reality:

In Challenge Reality, you’ll be put up with two far-away worlds in a dystopian fortune. It arrives with an entirely virtualized Dubai. You have to rescue Dubai from various armies endangering it to stop its stunning validity. This game is so actual, that when you complete it, It will bring back to the true Dubai city the extremely disorienting sense. Be confident you have the abdomen for this before you start playing.