Last Exit Dubai - The Amazing Street Food Trucks

Posted On 27-Oct-2022

Planning to trip for an uncommon night out with buddies or kids? Visit with family across to the Last Exit Dubai. The theme of this attraction is inspired by an era of 1950s truck stops. That has astonished visitors since it was unlocked a few years before. The chain has also broadened quickly to open new departments in various fascinating areas across Dubai. Where is the closest one and what is interesting there to visit & explore? Let’s discover further about Last Exit Dubai!

Last Exit Dubai - A Comprehensive Narrative

Last Exit Dubai

Last Exit is an extraordinary food truck concept which is dedicated to fulfilling the top best delicious street food, such as shawarma in Dubai. It’s an operation by innovator Meraas, who is known to submit strange and special missions. For example, The Beach and City Walk.

As per the narration of the Meraas group's chairman, Mr Abdulla Al Habbai, the vision is a contribution to when the restaurant industry was ready to act and the menu items quality was fuss-free. The view is energised by 1950s fuel depots as is obvious from the dignity of trucks, retro vans and campers outstretched in the trademark’s flagship areas.

Contact Details: 800-MARIAS (637-227)

Timings: From 9 AM to 10 PM (These are updated opening hours)


Do you have any idea about the chains of Last Exits Dubai? If you have been marvelling at this and desire to know the answer. Then there are four franchises available at the Last Exit in Dubai city. Containing the flagship departments of Last Exit AUH Bound and DXB Bound. There are also fresher truck halts in Al Khawaneej & Al Qudra too. Here is a glance at each of them in circumstance along with accessible vehicles, places to visit and more:

Last Exit DXB Bound

Last Exit DXB Bound

Labelled as a piece of retro Americana in Dubai's heart, this Bound portal is an excellent refuelling stop. It lies between Dubai and Abu Dhabi. The forum was discovered on Sheikh Zayed Road barely after interaction 11 under the guidance of the golden city of United Arab Emirates.

Separated from the diners, this first franchise in the city of gold welcomes a range of budgeted and family-friendly occasions throughout the year.

Address: Sheikh Zayed Road, after interaction 11 towards the city of gold

The Last Exit DXB Bound Food Trucks:

The Last Exit DXB Bound direction captions a span of multi-coloured food trucks. Fulfilling everything from falafel (Arabian Salad) to mini pancakes, burgers and hot beverages. The location is favourable for every family on a road journey. Some of the outstanding food trucks in the department include:

Big Smoke Burger:

This dining truck serves mostly the best quality fast food. It is famous for fulfilling delicious burgers rendered with roasted lamb, fried chicken, minced AAA Angus Canadian beef and other epicurean factors.

Contact Details: +971508999615

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Refresh your mind by taking a sip of a steaming cup of strong tea or coffee from another amazing lunch or dinner truck Cupagahwa. The lunchroom masters 100% Arabic coffee and gives a variety of scrumptious snacks and delightful desserts.

Contact Details: +971523244291


Refuel dining after a long ride or drive with several Refuel’s refreshing beverages. As smoothies, juices, mojitos, power shots and additional things on the menu. All are prepared from the neatest fruits and ingredients.

Contact Details: +971565263308

These are the highlighted ones in this bond. However, there are more food trucks at the Last Exit DXB Bound opening including:

  • My Karak
  • Urban Seafood
  • Starbucks
  • KFC
  • Hardees
  • Il Café De Roma
  • Burger Pit


Guests to DXB Bound are eligible to avail of the following services:

  • 24-hour security
  • Free Parking
  • Baby changing establishments
  • Different Established air-conditioned prayer rooms for male & female visitors
  • Accompanied washrooms

The Last Exit AUH Bound Food Trucks:

Last Exit AUH Bound

Some most visited food trucks at this franchise's opening include:

The Stuffed Burger:

Following is a photo chance for your accounts on social media The Stuffed Burger menu fulfils essential assistance in multi-coloured buns. Their professions include packed and charbroiled burgers, along with chicken wings and various sliders.

Contact Details: +97156774465

Johnny Rockets:

The well-known American fast-food label has a franchise at the Abu Dhabi-bound, where the dinings are the food trucks. Admire the theme of old eras items on the menu. Such as hand-dipped shakes, classic burgers, malts and additional items.

Contact Details: +971-52-352-5488

These are also some famous food trucks. Like My Karak, Il Café De Roma, Starbucks, Burger Pit and Cupagahwa.

Action Park:

Separated from other food trucks the location, Action Park is an outstanding attraction at Last Exit AUH Bound. The entertainment platform is home to various action-packed things to do, such as the initial Upside Down shack in the MENA Area, go-karting, The Smashroom, a paintball park and so many interesting things to do. Acceptable for families and normal travellers likewise, the platform can enhance some journeys to your holiday.

  • Opening and Closing Timing: 12 AM to 11:59 PM
  • Contact Details: +971564042333


Wise, this AUH Bound has also some Services at the location including:

  • 24-hour security
  • Free Parking
  • Baby changing establishments
  • Different Established air-conditioned prayer rooms for male & female visitors
  • Accompanied washrooms

Last Exit Al Khawaneej

Last Exit Al Khawaneej

In expansion to the spoken of dining at the food trucks. The locals and tourists can also learn to eat and enjoy cuisines at many food trucks. Such as

  • Big Smoke Burger
  • Sikka Café
  • Ice Cream LabIce Cream Lab
  • Cupagahwa Il Café De Roma Kabab & Rigag
  • Refuel
  • Krush Burger
  • Slice & Bun
  • Steakanji

Contact Details: +971565399733


The Services provided at the Last Exit Al Khawaneej contain security for 24 hours as well as free parking spaces for visitors.

Last Exit Al Qudra

Last Exit Al Qudra

The final or fourth franchise of Last Exit Dubai is encountered at Al Qudra. This is a jockey-influenced platform with the entertainment label’s essential food trucks. As well as a drive-through installation for the family who loves to eat in their vehicle. The food trucks are designed with a funky theme to gawk like horse campers. Along with horseshoes, horse staples and different jockey things. That is adding to the horse ride of Al Qudra.

Address: Al Qudra Road

The Last Exit Of Al Qudra's Food Trucks:

Following are the Food trucks of the fourth branch of the last exit Dubai outline two food trucks:

The Brass:

Develop the aroma of freshly brewed coffee beans at the food truck "The Brass". The Arabian coffee and Cappuccino or Latte place pays tribute to the Eastern as well as Western coffee worlds.

Contact Details: +97143856971

Burger Pit:

Relish traditional American juicy burgers as well as hot dogs from the era of 1950. Say yes to the real thing with the brand’s label: the delicious cheese sauce.

Contact Details: +971565116103


The Services at the fourth franchise at the Al Qudra outlet contain security for 24 hours as well as free parking spaces for visitors.