La Perle Dubai - A Fascinating Theatre To Admire

Posted On 03-Nov-2022

The city of gold and future, Dubai is an elegant travel region that lives residence to many astonishing attractions. But here we have something different to discuss, this is not a tour nor adventurous things to do. Here we are talking about the live stage show, which grabs the attention of thousands of international visitors and locals. This is the one and only "La Perle Dubai".

Also, there are numerous kinds of things to do. Exactly from the sky-touching facilities to the artificial islands and beaches. Everything about Dubai city is lovely beyond differentiation. Over the years, what this golden city has governed to maintain, is the tradition, culture and luxury it once possessed.

Along with the number of international visitors rising every year. Ain’t it improve to name it the most outstanding town out of the other seven emirates in the United Arab Emirates?

Plus, this extraordinary luxuriousness in the city had been the initial to bring up several new things. It has now launched the first citizen live performance theatre. It is famous as the La Perle located in Al Habtoor City in Downtown Dubai.

La Perle - An Elegant View of Dubai at Night

La Perle Dubai

The outstanding La Perle is an aqua stage show, which is a type of attraction. That every visitor should adore. Being discovered in the essence of Al Habtoor City, it was developed by Franco Dragone, who was the fictitious art director. This was carried into the portrait because of the accomplishment of the Dubai Opera House. Along with living theatres, such as Cats, La Boheme and Les Miserables.

However, here in La Perle, you will get to watch sculptures of incredible tricks and acrobatics. La Perle being enlarged to the record is announced to improve. Besides, bolster the real city’s stature and tourism. This also restrains the history, the current and the possible without skipping on the emirates’ nature.

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Shading and Structure in La Perle:

The configuration of the stage show itself is glamorous and sufficiently keeps up many 1300 people in the audience. It is explained that it borrows about 2.7 million litres of water. Also emphasises 450 live performances in a year. In expansion, it has nearly 65 artists from various portions of the nation accomplishing numerous activities.

The seats also arrange in such a direction that the viewers receive a glorious happening at La Perle. This theatre also draws in the promising visual exhibit with technology and imaginative imagery condensed. Heretofore it has entertainers from several nationalities whose findings in varied lineages and myths headlined. Also, you will have a fascinating occasion as the ground is assumed. As a network with high-explanation pitch operations at an occasional area in the auditorium.

Entry Ticket:

These are the ticket prices of La Perle Dubai, as per the class of tickets.

  • Bronze tickets: 350 AED
  • Silver tickets: 600 AED
  • Gold tickets: 800 AED
  • VIP tickets: 1600 AED


Where is the location of the Venue is Al Habtoor City

The closest metro station is Business Bay


The theatre goes on from 07:00 PM to 09:00 PM. Besides, the days are Tuesday to Friday.

The other time of the theatre goes from 04:00 PM to 07:00 PM on Saturday.

Tops to Grab Note Before the Visit:

  • Latecomers will be precisely not permitted inside.
  • The ticket is barely for the theatre and the food isn't involved.
  • An individual can reserve a maximum of 20 tickets.
  • Children under 2 years are not approved.
  • If you lose or miss your ticket, you can receive an alternate ticket at the counter. But you need to show them evidence of purchase.

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Here’s the Reason You Should Adore La Perle Dubai

The theatre comprises a staff of 65 artists, however each entertainer with their own incredible set of mastery. It makes the visitor's eye with the concert’s range of acrobatics, acting, flying tricks and oceanic during this 90 minutes performance. Be inclined to this chance to fly, however, because you’ll discern the performers flying, moving and diving at the speed of light.

The theatre is authorised by Franco Dragone, it is the widely acclaimed modern stage show director of the other theatre Cirque du Soleil. It is recognized for its generous Las Vegas shows. Meanwhile, La Perle Dubai, his fresh show-stopper accomplished in top-level installations is a theatre. That professes to entertain adults and kids as well.

Visual Effects:

La Perle in Dubai its visual effects are the concert’s important characteristics rather than the plan. It has approx 1300 seats and a 270-degree perspective and barely 14 rows. Always circumstance inside the show is aimed at lending an explicit vivid meeting to the observers. 65 international artists are ingredients of the theatre and will display enormous success.

La Perle’s producers ensure that it will bestow the importance of Emirati civilization to the visitors. However the exhibit’s issue transforms, it is organised on the development of the United Arab Emirates. Alongside its oceanic origins and pearl-jumping narrative. The identifiable identities in the accomplishment are a governor of jewels. As well as a small fisherwoman, the museum of ancestors, and a huge manikin. Inferring you are a visitor to Dubai La Perle is one of the must-experience things explored in Dubai.

Final Thoughts:

When Dubai is remembering so numerous things to do, places to visit and beaches to chill. Then why not adore and undergo it for actual? This is possibly the major justification for Dubai being invariably at the top of the most-visited city on the planet. To propose your excursion to Dubai, visit Desert Safari Company blogs and check out some amazing holiday places in the UAE. You can also customise it and encounter promising leisure with seamless consumer assistance via the Desert Safari Company blogs.