Dubai Hills Mall - A Must-Shop Place for NewComers

Posted On 15-Jun-2023

Among the candidates is the gleaming and modern Dubai Hills Mall. Dubai's various notable monuments, which serve both locals and tourists, include an impressive array of business centers. These establishments provide more than just products and gourmet delights.

Among the competitors is the brilliant and futuristic Dubai Hills Mall. Dubai's well-known destinations, which appeal to both residents and visitors, include a varied range of business nuclei. These establishments provide more than just merchandise and gourmet treats.

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The Dubai Hills Mall - A Complete Highlight

Dubai Hills Mall

EMAAR Properties announced the mall's declaration in 2017, quickly cementing its reputation as one of Dubai's most anticipated corporate icons. Finally, on February 17th, 2022, the mall will open to the general public.

The mall is part of the Dubai Hills Estate and is located at the intersection of Al Khail Road (E44) and Umm Suqeim Street (D63). It is one of EMAAR's greatest and most beloved multipurpose additions, providing a magnificent background for residents and abounding with amenities.

  • Al Barsha South
  • JVC
  • Arjan
  • Arabian Ranches
  • MBR City
  • Dubai Hills Estate

The Dubai Hills Mall boldly displays unrivaled accessibility as a result of a daring urban renovation project completed in 2020. It benefits from 13 intersecting structures that gracefully connect it to key motorways of the United Arab Emirates. These include the well-known Sheikh Mohammed Bin Zayed Road (E311) and key sections of Al Khail Road.

Dubai Hills Mall Shops:

The plaza offers an unforgettable shopping experience in the heart of Dubai. It features a plethora of known local and worldwide labels, enticing visitors with its unique items. Furthermore, a myriad of new businesses are prepared to emerge. This amazing sight contains a broad variety from approximately 650 merchants and spans a breathtaking expanse of 2 million square feet.

Within its walls is the massive Geant Hypermarket, which caters to the needs of the surrounding areas. This retail behemoth, which is expected to span 65,000 square feet, adds to the mall's attraction.

The boutiques in Dubai Hills Mall are divided into two sections, each offering a wide range of services. There is a plethora of products catering to every individual's preferences, ranging from contemporary apparel to cutting-edge technologies and inventive home enhancement platforms.


Daiso is a well-known retail firm located within Dubai Hills Mall. Daiso Japan is a comprehensive emporium with a diverse selection of items. Its collection includes clothing, cooking tools, gardening equipment, pet supplies, leisure basics, office supplies, and a variety of other enticing items. This company, located on the ground level of the mall, entices discriminating shoppers with its broad selection of goods.

Flying Tiger Copenhagen:

Daiso is a well-known retail store located within Dubai Hills Mall. Daiso Japan is a one-stop shopping destination with a wide variety of items. Its broad range includes garments, culinary equipment, gardening tools, pet supplies, recreational things, stationery, and a plethora of other interesting products. This firm, located on the mall's ground level, entices discerning shoppers with its vast selection of services.

This trailblazing store strongly believes that a truly satisfying existence need not be prohibitively expensive. As a result, it methodically selects vital goods that are meticulously manufactured to stand out from the usual, delivering a distinctive shopping experience.

Their first site in the UAE spans an astonishing 300 square meters, providing consumers with the opportunity to examine a spectacular choice of things. It offers consumers a wonderful browsing experience with a diverse assortment covering numerous categories.

  • DIY
  • fitness
  • kitchen
  • decor
  • games
  • sports
  • stationery
  • office supplies


A trip to Havaianas in Dubai Hills Mall is a must for everyone looking for high-quality flip-flops. When you enter its premises, you will find a broad choice of beautifully created sandals in a stunning array of designs. Furthermore, the brilliant colors exemplify the energetic essence of Brazilian culture.

Hypermarkets at Dubai Hills Malls

The megastore is the ideal place to refill your household necessities. Within its walls, a plethora of things awaits, ranging from food to gadgets and even infant supplies. Furthermore, there are numerous options available, ranging from fresh produce and exquisite epicurean pleasures to vegan and gluten-free gourmet offers, all conveniently located under one roof.

Marks & Spencer expresses warm greetings to its valued customers as it opens its magnificent location in Dubai Hills Mall. M&S is regarded as one of the most desirable international brands in the UAE, with a background profoundly anchored in British culture. With several Marks & Spencer outlets dotting the UAE landscape, the brand's presence has grown crucial.

Mar, k , and Spencer, which originated in the United Kingdom, has spread an abundance of retail emporiums throughout the United Arab Emirates. This latest addition embodies all of the valued traits that enchant ardent M&S fans, embracing their timeless offers. Notable is the existence of the perennially popular M&S Food Hall within the grounds, which is supported by a welcome M&S Cafe. Take a well-deserved break from your shopping spree and enjoy the pleasures of English tea and tantalizing epicurean delicacies.


You can examine about Dubai'attractions between 9:00 a.m. and 12:00 a.m.

Attractions Closed to Dubai Hills Mall:

As you stroll through the bustling commercial district, don't miss the vast Dubai Hills Park, which spans an amazing 180,000 square meters. This park features cutting-edge amenities such as basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and padel tennis courts. In addition, there are peaceful picnic spots, outdoor fitness zones, and a separate dog park for our canine pals.

The Golf Club offers a beautiful 18-hole championship course with mesmerizing views of Downtown Dubai for passionate golfers.

If the idea of living close to Dubai Hills Mall appeals to you, it is undoubtedly worthwhile to investigate the Estate's rental and sale properties.

  • Park Heights
  • Park Ridge
  • Golf Suites

Sidra and Maple stand outneighborhoodst residential neighborhoods designed for people looking for villa-style homes inside the Estate. Furthermore, studying our complete brochure will give you an idea of the exciting lifestyle that awaits you at Dubai Hills Estate.