The Lost Chamber Aquarium - Unleash Fun in Dubai

Posted On 22-Jun-2023

The Forsaken Grottos Oceanic Sanctuary situated in the urban hub is a beloved attraction for both youngsters and grown-ups.

This is the utmost luxurious park, and it is ensconced within the esteemed Atlantis The Palm skyscraper. Moreover, it acts as an unparalleled realm for enlightenment and amusement in the nearby vicinity. Dubai is swiftly cementing its status as a sought-after hotspot for globetrotters hailing from all corners of the globe. It boasts an abundance of shopping complexes, accommodations, and myriad enticements to revitalize oneself prior to embarking on a journey.

The title of this article is taken from the legend of the lost city of Atlantis. It tells the story of this urban oasis in Dubai and introduces you to the approximately 65,000 deep-sea creatures that live there.

The entire building is made up of underwater passageways and labyrinths with about 20 installations. This gives you the chance to interact with a wide variety of aquatic animals.

  • perilous sharks
  • piranhas
  • eels
  • lobsters
  • turtles
  • seahorses

Lost Chambers Aquarium - An Epic Intro

Lost Chamber Aquarium


You can find its location within the magnificent Atlantis The Palm in Dubai, the opulent city of Gold in the United Arab Emirates.


You are free to explore this intriguing attraction whenever you like between 10 am and 10 pm.


Please keep in mind that depending on the events of the day, the Neglected Chambers Marine Habitat's operations schedule may change.

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Lost Chambers Aquarium Ticket Price:

The marine exhibition features a variety of interactions and presentations that can be seamlessly combined. However, a required entry permit is essential. Individual passes to the Neglected Chambers Aquatic Gallery start at 111 AED. This includes access to the location as well as a riveting theatrical production centred on a story about water set in Dubai. On the other side, you have the chance to participate in the unmatched Snorkel Expedition for around 254 AED per person.

Additionally, you may combine entry to the famed Aquaventure water park with that to the Enigmatic Chambers aquatic world for about 468 AED per person. With this option, you may visit the marine exhibit and all of the park's captivating attractions in only one day. It is also a more affordable option.

Activities at the Lost Chambers Aquarium


In the beautiful Envoy Hollow in Dubai, the prestigious Deep Abyssal Marine Exhibition is well known for its mesmerising underwater experiences. Children (minimum age of six) are warmly encouraged to join you on this thrilling adventure, and prior swimming experience is not necessary.

Dubai offers a unique opportunity to strengthen family ties by embarking on an aquatic excursion amidst a wide variety of amazing sea creatures. You'll get a thorough orientation before getting your snorkel, mask, and buoyancy assistance. The lively underwater habitat comes to life as you gracefully float over the water, revealing breathtaking views.

You have the choice to participate in Aquatrek, a remarkable activity that involves moving through and breathing beneath the water's surface, to enhance your experience. This amazing accomplishment is made possible by a finely designed helmet and is accomplished right inside the Ambassador Lagoon. This trip delivers an unmatched rush of adrenaline, fully living up to its appropriate name.

2. Fish Tale

This specialised investigation is conducted entirely in English and is geared towards people who have a passionate interest in learning. You will have the rare opportunity to see firsthand the exquisite care given to the more than 65,000 aquatic animals living in this underground display highlighting the wonders of marine life during this enlightening and educational journey.

You will also be led to the internal aquatic hospital and the sanctuary for giving delivery. These facilities are where newly-born humans are raised, while long-term occupants receive individualised care and skilled upkeep.

The entire journey takes place on the highest platform of the Envoy Lagoon, giving you a vantage point from which to view the most impressive display of the aquarium, which is visible from the water's surface.

Additionally, the internal aquatic clinic and the birthing habitats will be escorted for you. Newborn species obtain sustenance within these structures, and seasoned residents get specialised care and particular attention.

The entire adventure takes place on the Envoy Lagoon's summit terrace, giving you a good vantage point to see the most impressive display of the aquascape that can be seen from the watery expanse.

3. Aquarium Dives:

In this subaquatic ravine, the marine museum offers a wealth of diving opportunities for intrepid adventurers to enjoy. For new divers looking for a unique experience, the Atlantis Dive Adventure is a fantastic option.

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This programme offers opportunities to interact with difficult problems and fascinating marine life, including a wide variety of species living inside the buried and storied city of Atlantis, as well as core skills and methodologies.

Accredited divers have the luxury of taking in the tranquil rhythm of group respiration while surrounded by breathtaking splendour and marvelling at the remains of a single-tank subaqueous excursion.

The Apex Plunge is the pinnacle, painstakingly designed to appeal to daring people seeking an adrenaline-fueled experience. It gives you the incredible chance to feed the fourteen different types of sharks that live in Ambassador Lagoon.

4. The Haunted Chamber Parties:

Numerous celebrations and revelries are staged at Atlantis, The Palm throughout the year. One of them is upcoming All Hallows Eve. Visitors to the legendary Halloween Gala at Atlantis get the chance to explore the Enchanted Chambers. Prepare to be astounded by fascinating underwater species and enjoy an exciting night of fun filled with spooky costumes, midnight shows at the marine museum, and daring expeditions in search of sweet delicacies.

5. Aqua Theatre Shows:

These underwater stage performances encourage participatory interaction, making them ideal for families with curious, young children. They will enthral your children throughout your stay in Dubai, and they will be joined by knowledgeable divers who will educate you on a wide range of aspects of diving and marine life. A magnificent feeding display that is sure to attract spectators of all ages marks the performance's conclusion.