Play DXB: Awake Your Thrill-Freak Spirit

Posted On 01-Jun-2023

Discover the huge Play DXB Dubai, now available to ardent pleasure seekers, and dig into its peculiar multi-layered recreational atmosphere. It is around 75,000 square feet in size. Prepare yourself for an unprecedented assault on conventional wisdom. There was undoubtedly a sense of relief following the closure of Sega Republic in the Dubai Mall last year.

But let us rejoice! A more magnificent and cheaply priced attraction just opened in the same mall, exciting thrill-seekers and giving good news. Here is a detailed depiction of this modern enticement in the opulent UAE metropolis for you to investigate before your visit.

Play DXB Dubai - Thrilling Overview

Play DXB Dhabi

Play DXB distinguishes itself with an unrivalled selection of experiences in the Middle East. They are offering 18 dynamic escapades and attractions that combine augmented reality (AR) and simulated reality (SR). This facility serves as a refuge for gamers, with thrilling adventures around every corner. Besides, a seamless transition from the tangible environment to the enthralling realm of fantasy. Play DXB in Dubai creates a dynamic virtual reality that spans a wide range of genres. They are catering to various tendencies such as, but not limited to, creating "collective evasion" and developing social relationships.

  • adrenaline
  • horror
  • leisure etc

Every voyage costs between AED 15 and AED 45, but entry into this thrilling world of virtual reality is free. You may be confident that you will have access to a plethora of unparalleled virtual reality excursions as a result of this immersive meeting. This mesmerising attraction surpasses technological bounds and offers an astonishing voyage. It exceeds the realms of imagination, achieved through augmented reality and geolocation-infused magic!

Fundamental Info at Play DXB Dubai:

Suggested Duration:

While you are free to spend your time however you like, it is recommended. It enables you set aside roughly 3 hours for revelry within this land of delight.


The admission price is AED 200, and the World Trade Centre station is the closest subterranean transportation hub.

Opening Hours:

  • On weekdays from Sunday to Wednesday, the designated visitation hours are 10:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • On the other hand, operative hours on weekends, from Thursday to Saturday, are from 10:00 a.m. until 1:00 a.m.

Must-Explore Things to do:

  • Burj Drop
  • APE-X
  • The Raft
  • John Wick Chronicles


Level 2 is centrally located within the Dubai Mall, between Reel Cinemas and KidZania.

Foremost Encounters at Play DXB Dubai

If you were captivated by the film "Ready Player One" and wish to participate in a world. It encompasses its spirit, a visit to Play DXB in Dubai city becomes an absolute must. This remarkable destination challenges the frontiers of human imagination and delivers exceptional interactions. It also transcend traditional conventions through the synthesis of perception and reality.

It captivates people of all ages by offering more than just rides, encounters, and activities. We have compiled a list of the top 18 key activities from a comprehensive list of 18 engaging experiences. It let's you fully immerse yourself in the marvels of Play DXB Dubai.


Have you witnessed King Kong's awe-inspiring size? Do you want to feel what it's like to be standing atop the Empire State Building with him during that tense scene?

Take benefit of this classy option as soon as conceivable. Using the mesmerising features of Starbreeze's cutting-edge StarVR headsets. You will be taken into the vantage point of a giant, cybernetically modified primate. However, there is a catch to the situation: you must discover a way to escape your captor's grip. After all, he wishes to imprison you for all eternity.

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It becomes critical to keep a firm grasp as you dangle precariously on the edge of a massive high-rise. A single blunder could set off a perilous descent. Engage in ferocious battles, displaying unyielding resolve against unrelenting opponents hell-bent on your demise. Take advantage of the opportunity to fire an unending barrage of missiles and destroy the wicked automatons. Maintaining stability on the small catwalk, on the other hand, entails fighting attacks of internal vertigo. Gather your courage and emerge as the victorious conqueror in this thrilling game.

Burj Drop:

We find ourselves unable to resist the longing for our personnel to possess the same exceptional agility. That is showcased by the window cleaners gracefully traversing the Burj Khalifa. With effortless finesse, they suspend themselves from the edifice, meticulously tending to the windows with a sense of unrivaled perfection. However, have you ever pondered what lies in store for those who toil as window cleaners at the Burj Khalifa?

Yet, as each cable approaches its threshold of endurance, an irresistible sensation intensifies. They are enticing you to delve into an array of virtual reality programs and captivating techniques. Brace yourself for an electrifying surge unlike any other, coupled with a heart-stopping descent. Prepare for a hair-raising experience that will keep you teetering on the edge.

The Raft:

Set off on an adventurous adventure for four people, where synergy reigns supreme and escaping the clutches of strange adversaries appears impossible. Without immaculate teamwork and synchronisation with your allies. They are evading the grasp of these ethereal opponents becomes a hard test. Prepare for an engaging multiplayer virtual reality experience in which you. Besides, your partners will go on an intriguing sensory trip.

Enter The Flotilla, an immersive world filled with the essence of wetlands. Within its boundaries, you will be pushed into an unending battle against deadly foes lurking amid the sky, the depths of the sea, and the rough shoreline. Survival in this deadly challenge is dependent on all players working together and swinging their valuable harpoons with measured precision. To enable the safe extraction of all participants, meticulous planning is required. Don your collaborative headgear and arm yourself with incredible virtual reality weaponry as you begin on this thrilling chapter of The Flotilla.

John Wick Chronicles:

Immerse yourself in the captivating story and take on the legendary mystique of the famed assassin known as John Wick. Accept the hard task of eliminating extremely elusive targets. Traverse the virtual urban area with painstaking precision, accomplishing your objectives with unyielding attention. Furthermore, you will have the extraordinary opportunity to use the VR-enhanced MP5, putting yourself in the shoes of a lethal and skilled contract killer. Also, it is armed with the overwhelming firepower of this weapon at your disposal.

PAYDAY: The VR Heist:

Begin an exciting journey as you join forces with tough teams, effortlessly working to achieve bold victories. They are pulling inspiration from the intriguing domain of a first-person shooting video game.

Your goal requires painstaking planning and flawless execution of a daring bank heist. They are launching a spine-tingling plunge into the heart of Washington, DC. PayDay: The VR Heist immerses you in the mind of a seasoned master thief. Also, it is infusing the act of successfully robbing a bank with an addictive sensation of daring. Every part of the game unfolds with unique 360-degree view and immersive engagement. From penetrating the strongly defended financial institution to liberating desired riches. It is engaging in fierce confrontations with law enforcement. So don a disguise, enjoy the irony, and get ready for an amazing ride.

The Walking Dead VR Outbreak:

Participate in an explosive climactic fight against swarms of merciless zombie beings. While imprisoned within the constraints of a wheelchair within a medical institution. With time restrictions looming, a quick and astute strategy becomes essential. It's proving difficult to get rid of these tough undead.

Play a virtual reality game in which you can immerse yourself in the eerie atmosphere of a run-down hospital or asylum. The creepy setting is filled with bloodstains and motionless individuals dressed in white. If you are frequently plagued by horrific nightmares, brace yourself for an encounter that will leave an unforgettable impact on your psyche. The unsettling character of this event will have a major impact on your thoughts.

If, on the other hand, you are a devoted fan of the critically acclaimed horror video game title "The Walking Dead," this engrossing. It is way enthralling, and adrenaline-inducing virtual reality game will satisfy your deepest wishes.

Exercise extreme caution and avoid the impulse to unlatch the door, as it contains the gloomy presence of the deceased.

Several Restrictions at the Dubai Attraction:

  • Visitors must follow the regulations for each ride, which include health, height, age, and size restrictions.
  • The eating of outside food or beverages is absolutely banned within the attraction area.
  • Queue-jumping and reserving spots for others are absolutely prohibited.
  • Smoking is strictly forbidden throughout the Play DXB facility.
  • Visitors are encouraged to exercise caution and never leave their items unattended.
  • Play DXB accepts no responsibility for any stolen, damaged, or lost personal belongings and cannot be held liable in such cases.