Reem Mall Abu Dhabi: A Captivating Retail & Entertainment Paradise

Posted On 18-May-2023

Reem Mall is located in Abu Dhabi, the main city of the United Arab Emirates. Besides, it serves as a high-end hub for shopping and entertainment. Al Farwaniya Property Developments owns and designed this mall. It is a collaborative project involving various stakeholders.

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Nestled in the core of Reem Island, a swiftly expanding residential and business center in Abu Dhabi city, stands Reem Mall. This retail destination boasts a strategic location, ensuring effortless accessibility from every corner of the city. Alongside an abundance of parking facilities for the comfort of its patrons.

Reem Mall Abu Dhabi - An Exceptional Shopping Center

Reem Mall Abu Dhabi

Spanning 2 million square feet, the business center showcases more than 450 retail merchants. They are showcasing exclusive fashion labels, exquisite jewelry emporiums, stylish home furnishings, and cutting-edge electronics. Within Reem Mall, one can find an array of internationally acclaimed brands, including Dior, Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Rolex, and Gucci.

Alongside its diverse retail selection, Reem Mall presents a multitude of entertainment choices. Besides, it is tailored for individuals of every age group. Among these attractions is a state-of-the-art 14-screen theater complex, managed by Cineplex, a top-tier entertainment enterprise. This cinema guarantees a lavish ambiance to enjoy the latest Hollywood hits. Also, it is complemented by cutting-edge audio and visual systems.

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Reem Mall distinguishes itself with an exceptional attraction. It is exclusively an indoor amusement park called Snow Park Abu Dhabi. Besides, it is exclusively crafted to delight children. This park presents an array of snow-themed activities, offering a delightful getaway for families. The youngsters seek respite from the scorching heat while indulging in endless amusement.

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Following careful consideration, the expansive Reem Mall has, at last, initiated its gradual unveiling, making numerous products accessible to the wider public. The mall operates from 10:00 AM to midnight on Fridays and Saturdays. From 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM on the remaining days, Sunday through Thursday.

The creators of the retail complex have dedicated tremendous effort to guarantee its adherence to elevated benchmarks of distinctiveness and safety. Additionally, they have placed significant importance on crafting extraordinary and captivating retail. It is a recreational encounter that distinguishes them from neighboring malls.


Reem Mall is positioned in the emerging neighborhood of Abu Dhabi called Reem Island. It is a highly desirable location nestled on a convenient island situated northeast of the primary landmass. Accessible through multiple bridges, this island is near numerous iconic landmarks of Abu Dhabi, lending further allure to its appeal.

Furthermore, the mall's strategic location ensures effortless connectivity from all corners of the city.

In addition, Reem Mall boasts a diverse range of dining options, offering an extensive culinary palette that ranges from Asian cuisine to fast food and more. With a remarkable selection of 85 food establishments, visitors have the privilege of indulging in internationally acclaimed brands such as.

  • KFC
  • Pizza Hut
  • McDonald's
  • Starbucks

Beyond the abundance of entertainment, culinary, and retail options, Reem Mall extends an array of services to cater to its visitors. The facility encompasses amenities such as a dedicated baby care facility. There is complimentary Wi-Fi access and a designated prayer room. As well as, creating an inclusive haven for families and globetrotters alike.

Ream Mall Projects in Abu Dhabi

The inception of Reem Mall dates back to 2017, and its grand opening is scheduled for 2022. Once fully operational. It is poised to emerge as a colossal and captivating epicenter for retail and entertainment. They are garnering the attention of global visitors and establishing themselves self as a must-visit destination in the region

Positioned in Abu Dhabi, the expansive shopping hub is set to exhibit over 400 extraordinary local and international stores. It is accompanied by an assortment of entertainment venues and dining establishments. They are offering a selection of approximately 85 culinary options. However, the attraction is not fully operational at the moment. Only a limited number of shops and amenities are open to the general public.

Situated in Abu Dhabi, the expansive commercial complex is prepared to exhibit over 400 unparalleled local and global retail establishments. It is accompanied by a diverse assortment of entertainment venues and dining options, encompassing approximately 85 culinary experiences. However, the attraction is currently undergoing final preparations and is not fully operational. Along with only a limited number of shops and amenities accessible to the general public at this time.

Carrefour hypermarket:

In February 2022, the Carrefour hypermarket, an expansive retail supermarket and one of the largest in the UAE. It welcomes customers, becoming the primary operational commercial establishment within Reem Mall. Boasting an extensive selection of products, this supermarket. It offers visitors a plethora of choices when it comes to shopping at this exceptional destination.

Vox Cinema:

Within Reem Mall lies a colossal cinema complex comprising ten screens. They deliver unparalleled cinematic adventures, enhanced by cutting-edge technology. This includes 20-meter screens equipped with laser projection and Dolby Atmos sound, offering a truly immersive experience.

Notably, the cinema boasts MAX cinema technology, elevating the viewing experience even further. Furthermore, the six central screens of the cinema feature fully reclining seats, adding allure for visitors to indulge in.

Papa John’s:

Papa John's is a renowned franchise known for its delectable American-style pizza. It stands as a popular and easily accessible option for pizza enthusiasts. This celebrated pizzeria can be found within Reem Mall, nestled in Abu Dhabi. There it delivers a delightful gastronomic journey to all those craving a slice of perfection.

The Finish Line:

In summary, Reem Mall stands as an indispensable haven for tourists exploring Abu Dhabi. It is providing an extraordinary amalgamation of retail therapy and entertainment.

Boasting a multitude of renowned global brands, diverse recreational offerings, and an array of dining experiences. This remarkable destination promises an exceptional experience. With its strategic positioning, generous parking facilities, and top-notch amenities. This attraction is poised to emerge as a premier choice for both residents and tourists alike.