Fish Market Dubai - Get a Quality Seafood or other Goods

Posted On 20-Apr-2023

Are you enticed by the sight of fish on your plate? If so, you must visit Dubai's bustling fish market. This modern shop, which opened its doors to the public in 2017, is a haven for seafood enthusiasts.

Previously, shoppers had to visit the old Deira fish market, but it was deemed necessary. So they could provide a cleaner and more comfortable shopping experience. Thus, the new Waterfront shop was established, complete with air conditioning and odor control.

They provide Dubai residents with an improved shopping experience in Dubai City. Covering an area of 100,000 square meters, this food shop is one of the largest in the Middle East.

Regarding the Fish Market at Dubai Waterfront

Fish Market Dubai

Situated in the central region of Dubai, near Hamriya Port, the location presents itself. As the ideal destination to purchase freshly produced consumables. In addition to offering newly caught aquatic life, this shop also retails top-notch things. Such as

  • fowl
  • red meat
  • vegetables
  • fruits

Alongside newly imported seasonings from across the globe. Infused with Dubai's modernity, the bustling Dubai Waterfront Fish Market seamlessly integrates the aura of classic Arabian shops.

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Deira Aquatic Market:

The Deira Aquatic shop is speckled with numerous emporiums & organizations that vend an ample variety of comestibles and libations.

Aside from these emporiums and establishments, the Deira Aquatic Market also houses a hall utilized for diverse objectives. As a multitude of retail establishments, and the Lulu Hypermarket.

Denizens of Dubai and other tourists congregate at the Deira Aquatic Market for newly procured food. They are making it a prevalent shopping destination for fresh victuals and dehydrated fruits. Especially the ones derived from the date palm. It may seem unbelievable, but as many as eight hundred thousand visitors stream into the shops each day.

Things to Purchase at the Deira Waterfront in the Fish Market Dubai


Within a predominantly seafood-oriented locale, one can discover upwards of 500 merchants presenting. Besides, it is distributing a bewildering selection of 350 distinct types of recently caught seafood. However, the fish were obtained directly from fishermen hailing from the Arabian Peninsula.

Additionally, a portion of the products are obtained from foreign origins, further diversifying the shop's offerings. Choose from a wide variety of freshly caught and living fish, as well as a vast assortment of seafood. In addition to fresh fish, dried fish is also available. Furthermore, one can find not only humor, kingfish, yellow bar angelfish, Omani prawns, and seabream, but also numerous other items.

Fruits and Vegetables:

If you seek an extensive assortment of fruits and vegetables, make your way to the Deira Waterfront shop. You will be greeted by over 150 booths vending fresh produce from local, regional, and international sources.

You will find a vast selection, including year-round and seasonal items. Such as jujubes, pineapples, figs, herbs, and other locally grown and sourced products.

Dried Fruits and Seasonings:

During your visit to the Deira Waterfront Market, you will also discover more than 60 shops selling vivid. The fragrant spices are sourced not just from the Middle East but from all over the world.

This shop exudes the ambiance of a classic Arabian souk. Here, you can purchase fresh seasonings such as saffron, baharat, dukkah, ras el hanout, and last but not least, za'atar.

The shops are also excellent places to purchase premium-quality dates that are fresh and juicy, including those grown by local farmers. Additionally, it offers a diverse range of dried fruits, rice, and pulses to choose from.

Meat and Poultry:

At the Deira Waterfront Market, over 80 vendors offer an array of newly butchered meats. including

  • lamb
  • beef
  • goat
  • camel
  • chicken

The meat is exceptionally fresh, and the packaging is both eye-catching and practical. Emphasizing hygiene and sanitation, the place provides a variety of package sizes for easy transport.

Cafes and Restaurants:

Following a busy day of shopping, you may require rejuvenation. The Deira Waterfront attraction presents a plethora of gastronomic choices that tantalize the taste buds. You can enjoy a relaxed meal in one of the sophisticated restaurants or quaint cafes.

Additionally, you can opt for a convenient takeaway or indulge in luxurious dining. Along the shop's promenade, where local and exotic cuisine is available.


The Deira Fish Bazaar remains accessible at all times. Although it might temporarily shut down for a brief period to facilitate sanitation.

Fish Market Dubai Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does the Deira Waterfront Market gives a free parking facility?

Yes, the Deira Waterfront Market's open-air and underground parking amenities have adequate complimentary parking spaces. Additionally, nearby there are paid parking locations.

What’s the best time in the day to explore the Deira Waterfront Market?

It is optimal to explore the Deira Waterfront shop during the early hours of the day to evade the massive gatherings. By doing so, you can also procure the most recently caught fish of the day. The areas that vend seafood, meat, produce, and fruits are accessible 24/7.

The merchandising stores and eateries commence operations at the crack of dawn and cater to customers. Until the late hours of the night, every single day. Slight fluctuations in operational hours are observed during the weekends.

What’s the current address?

Situated at the corniche of old Dubai's Deira, the Deira Waterfront shop aptly embodies its name. It can be reached via a brief 15-minute stroll from the exceedingly renowned Gold Souk and Spice Souk landmarks.

How can I achieve the Deira Waterfront Market via Metro?

The Gold Souk subway stop is the nearest to the Deira Waterfront Marketplace. It will take a mere 7 minutes to arrive at the place from the subway stop. There exist alternative subway stops, such as Salah Al-Din and Abu Baker Al Siddique, which are also nearby.

Using an automobile or bus transportation, one can travel from these stops to the Deira Waterfront Marketplace in a mere 10 minutes.

What are the widespread items traded at the Deira Waterfront Market?

The most widespread items traded at the Deira Waterfront are seafood and a variety of

  • fish
  • meat
  • chicken
  • fruit
  • vegetable
  • spices
  • dry fruits