Khorfakkan Dubai - What To Explore?

Posted On 27-Apr-2023

Khorfakkan in Dubai flourishes as an urban hub located in the Sharjah emirate, esteemed for its productivity. Besides, it is nestled like a valuable gem within the expanse of the Oman Sea.

Particularly, it possesses a solitary viable and expansive harbor, apart from the magnificent Hajar Mountains, They are augmenting its importance.

Our schedule encompasses a journey from Dubai and its vicinity to Khorfakkan, furnishing a chance to encounter its magnificence directly.

Setting off at dawn from Dubai on a four-wheel drive, we will traverse totowardhe the northeastern region. Alternatively, you have the option to utilize the E311 transportation facility from Sharjah Airport, which will convey you straight to your intended destination.

Heading to Khorfakkan in Dubai

Khorfakkan Dubai

The Sharjah administration's recent erection of a novel thoroughfare is a remarkable accomplishment of technical expertise. It has significantly curtailed the travel duration from Dubai metropolis by fifty percent, from approximately 90 minutes to an impressive 40 minutes. This achievement can be ascribed to the limited existence of heavyweight lorries and semi-trailers on the route.

This street diverges from the Sharjah section of Emirates Road, also known as E311 or Bypass Road, creating multiple routes. Covering a distance of about 89 kilometers and including five subterranean crossings.

Each underground tunnel cutting through the rugged Hajar Mountains enhances your journey and enhances driving convenience. The largest tunnel measures 2.5 kilometers wide, making it the biggest on land in the Middle East. The impeccably smooth road leading to Khorfakkan provides an unobstructed option for reaching Khor Fakkan directly from Dubai

However, a particular eatery situated on the road may dissuade you.

The thoroughfare stretching on both sides appears smooth, resembling asphalt. If your destination is Khor Fakkan, relax and revel in the tranquility.

Driving across the Hajar Mountain range can be an exhilarating experience. The gusts of wind can abruptly become more forceful and saline. The Hajar Mountain range is recognized by most visitors as one of the world's oldest mountain formations. Though not exceptionally tall, they are notably craggy and marked by topography.

These mountains will shield you and your companions along the Khorfakkan Sea and occasionally merge as well.

Khorfakan Al Rufasah Dam:

A remarkable reservoir lies beyond ordinary tourist destinations. The dam emanates a captivating, tranquil, and soothing atmosphere that might entice you to extend your visit. It comes to life during the monsoon season. Ar Rufasah Dam boasts an abundance of cerulean water that can engulf your senses and nourish your soul. The existence of a dam in the Arabian desert is a rare and remarkable sight to behold.

Only a few visitors dare to venture to this location, providing an optimal opportunity for self-reflection. Capture images, admire the abundant nearby flora, and relish in some well-deserved solitude. At both sunrise and sunset, the lake, reservoir, sun, and atmosphere blend into a stunning symphony.

Khor Fakkan Beach:

Khor Fakkan Beach is the UAE's most stunning coastline, exuding an ambiance of seclusion, transparency, and incomparable tranquility. Situated near the Hajar Mountains, this beach offers an unmatched encounter, especially when viewed from a distance. It's an ideal place to soak up the sun, unwind, and immerse oneself in serenity while listening to the gentle ebb and flow of the ocean.

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The coast of Khor Fakkan in the UAE is incomparable in its splendor, exuding an ambiance of seclusion, transparency, and absolute serenity. Tucked near the Hajar Mountains, this shoreline offers a distinctive chance for tourists to relish a unique encounter, particularly when admiring it from a distance. It's an ideal location for soaking up the sun, unwinding, and experiencing inner harmony with the tranquil cadence of the sea.

Khorfakkan Beach Best Encounters

The coastal expanse of Khorfakkan and its native inhabitants offers a broad array of diverse and plentiful recreations. These encompass observing the marine plant and animal life, or drifting off to sleep while relishing the gentle, rhythmic melody of the waves.

The sensation of lounging on the shore is akin to immersing oneself in a gripping novel while sipping a non-alcoholic mojito. Spending time at Khorfakkan Beach is a fulfilling encounter, and the opportunities for engaging in activities are as follows:

Shark Island:

Although it may raise some visitors' concerns, it is essential not to depart prematurely, as no shark attacks have been reported at Khorfakkan Beach. Conversely, tourists have to witness the breathtaking spectacle of black-tip reef sharks, which are particularly visible from November to April. Snorkeling is a popular pursuit here, with the opportunity to catch sight of fish and turtles. Nevertheless, it is judicious to be mindful of your environment.

Khorfakkan Beach offers a comprehensive day of recreation. The concept is to make use of the BBQ facilities, fully furnished tents, cozy mats, and a multitude of companions for entertainment. Whether you prefer to run, jog, swim, dive, relax, or simply bask in the tranquil waters, even leisure can bring a feeling of contentment.

Dibba Island:

A typical guidebook fails to capture the extraordinary and often stunning marine creatures that inhabit Khorfakkan Beach. Marine enthusiasts regularly explore Dibba Island, which boasts an exceptional collection of underwater landscapes that snorkelers must experience. Even a simple dive can enchant your senses and enrich your adventure. The island is home to a diverse range of marine inhabitants, including

  • jawfish
  • turtles
  • Clownfishbatfish
  • A hodgepodge of soft & stony coral

Coral Gardens:

We must take that sunken life is not all about

  • The conspicuously nice clown fish
  • The eight-limbed octopus
  • chilling sharks
  • quick sailfish
  • The smart dolphins
  • The jumbo whales
  • The reliable sardines

In addition, the breathtaking beauty of the underwater landscape can be attributed to the stunning coral formations. This natural occurrence is frequently observed at Khorfakkan Beach, where guitar sharks and crocodile fish are often seen near the sandbank. For those seeking to see both the guitarist and crocodile fish, the Khorfakkan Coral Garden is an ideal location.

Friday Market:

You are likely to be intrigued or impressed by three remarkable products found in this market:

  • Fruits
  • Earthen Potteries
  • Carpets

Despite its name, the Friday Market is not closed on Fridays and operates more like a bustling stock market. It's a great place to stop by and take some photos as it offers a wide range of fresh fruits and intricately made earthen pots. If you have photography skills, vendors are aware of it and are happy to pose with a smile for you to snap a picture.

Khor Fakkan Travel & Timings

Khorfakkan is a must-visit destination when exploring the United Arab Emirates, offering a unique experience that shouldn't be missed. If you're planning to spend 24 hours in Dubai, it's best to start your day early to ensure ample time to explore the area.

Not only is Khorfakkan an excellent route to avoid traffic congestion on Emirates Road, but it also provides a chance to observe the one-humped camels en route.

The journey takes approximately 20 minutes, and the route meanders towards the modern and elegant Khor Fakkan Road. After a 45-minute drive, you'll arrive at the stunning shoreline, where you can soak up the breathtaking scenery.