Fontana Water Circus - An Aquatic Live Entertainment Show in Dubai

Posted On 09-Mar-2023

Fontana Water Circus in Dubai is one of the most exciting and unique attractions in the city. This aquatic show is a perfect blend of technology, art, and entertainment, which creates an unforgettable experience for visitors of all ages. In this blog, we will take a closer look at what makes Fontana Water Circus so special and why it should be on your must-visit list in Dubai.

Fontana Water Circus Dubai - A Detailed Guide

Fontana Water Circus Dubai


There are a total of eight Fontana shows performed per week in their first schedule, with an enactment to be clasped on:

  • From Wednesday to Thursday, its timings are 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm
  • On Friday & Saturday, its first timing is 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm & the other is 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm

The Show:

Fontana Water Circus is a state-of-the-art show that takes place in a specially designed amphitheater in Dubai's Festival City Mall. The show features a variety of aquatic performances, including acrobatics, dance, and aerial displays. The performers use the aquatic as their stage, and the show is designed to showcase their skills and talents to the fullest.

The shows usually take place in a large pool or tank, where acrobats, divers, and performers showcase their talents, accompanied by music and special effects.

In the Fontana water circus, performers may use various props, such as aquatic jets, fountains, and synchronized lights to create a visually stunning and immersive experience for the audience. The show may include aerial acrobatics, synchronized swimming, amazing dance, and other aquatic performances.

The rehearsals:

The shows in the Fontana water circus are likely to be choreographed and rehearsed extensively to ensure the safety of the performers and the quality of the performances. The circus may also have a team of technicians, designers, and support staff who work behind the scenes to ensure that the show runs smoothly.

Overall, the Fontana water circus is likely to be a spectacular display of talent, creativity, and technology that combines the beauty and power of the aquatic platform with the artistry and athleticism of the performers.

The Technology:

What sets Fontana Water Circus apart from other shows is the technology used to create the performance. The show uses a specially designed system of fountains, lights, and projections, which work together to create stunning visual effects. The fountains are choreographed to move in time with the music, and the projections are used to create a variety of backdrops and special effects. The result is a show that is both visually stunning and technologically impressive.

The Performers:

Fontana Water Circus in Dubai city features a talented team of performers from all over the world. The performers are trained in a variety of disciplines. Including acrobatics, dance, and aerial displays, and they bring a high level of skill and professionalism to the show. Each performer is carefully selected for their unique talents and abilities. However, they work together to create a seamless and entertaining performance.

The Venue:

Fontana Water Circus takes place in a specially designed amphitheater in Dubai's Festival City Mall. The venue is designed to create an immersive experience for visitors, with comfortable seating, excellent sightlines, and state-of-the-art sound and lighting systems. The venue is also easily accessible from all parts of the city, making it a convenient option for visitors who want to experience this unique show.

The Experience:

The Fontana Water Circus is a unique and exciting entertainment show in Dubai that combines moisture, lights, and music with acrobatics and chaos acts. The show takes place at the Dubai Mall and features a large pool of water, which serves as a stage for the performers.

The show consists of various acts, such as aerial acrobatics, high diving, contortionists, and fire performers, all synchronized with music and water effects. The aquatic effects include fountains, jets, and lights, which create a visually stunning and immersive experience.

Audiences can expect to be mesmerized by the show's spectacular displays, which showcase the incredible talent of the performers and the technical mastery of the aquatic effects. The show is suitable for all ages and is a must-see attraction for anyone visiting Dubai.

Overall, the Fontana Circus in Dubai is an unforgettable experience that combines entertainment and artistry in a unique and captivating way.


Overall, Fontana Water Circus is an unforgettable experience that combines art, technology, and entertainment in a truly unique way. Visitors can expect to be dazzled by the stunning visuals, impressed by the performers' skills and talents, and entertained by the show's high-energy soundtrack. Whether you are visiting.