Dubai Kartdrome - Advance your Racing Skills

Posted On 30-Mar-2023

One of the prevalent pastimes in Dubai is driving go-karts at the Dubai Kartdrome. The Kartdrome is an exceptional facility for go-kart racing that has been amusing individuals of all age groups since 2004.

Located in the core of Dubai, the Dubai Kartdrome is an engineered complex designed. So they present a secure and exhilarating go-kart racing experience to everyone. The course is a constituent of the Dubai Autodrome compound. Which incorporates a Formula One circuit, a driving academy, and a racing school.

The attraction is a globally acknowledged course that has been a venue for several international competitions throughout the years.

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Dubai Kartdrome Guide for Racing Enthusiastic

The Kartdrome in Dubai showcases a triad of tracks, with two open-air circuits. The Global Course and Domestic Course - and one enclosed track, the Institute Course.

The Global Course spans a length of 1.2 km and is tailored to furnish an exhilarating, high-velocity racing experience. The Domestic Course is a shorter track, stretching over 0.8 km. Besides, caters to drivers who are beginners or at an intermediate level. The Institute Course, measuring 620 meters, is an indoor track that is purpose-built for younger drivers.


The experiments can be conducted both outside and inside every day of the week, from midday until midnight. The Race and Drive Hub is also available for use every day from 9:00 to 17:00.

Duration & Pricing:

Regarding duration and cost, the H3 experience provides a unique and exciting racing adventure. Along with various options to choose from. The pricing starts at 115 AED.

Ideal Time to Explore:

In addition to the exterior and interior circuits, there is also a go-karting school and various supplementary amenities. It serves as an incentive to investigate at any time of the year.

Dubai Kartdrome Fascinating Encounters

Dubai Kartdrome

The Kartdrome in Dubai provides diverse kart racing opportunities catering to drivers of varying expertise. Regardless of whether one is a novice or a seasoned racer. There is an option for all. These options encompass arrive and drive sessions for solo racers. As well as corporate circumstances and team-building things to do.

Arrive and Drive Sessions:

The sessions are specifically designed for first-time racers. This program accommodates drivers at any level of proficiency and requires no prior experience. It comprises a briefing session, safety gear, and rental facilities. This option is available on both the International and National Tracks.

Corporate Occasions:

Furthermore, the Dubai Kartdrome presents businesses with the opportunity to host corporate events and team-building activities. it is aimed at enhancing teamwork, communication, and leadership proficiencies among staff. The corporate events package includes kart racing sessions, team-building exercises, and catering amenities.

Highly-Skilled Gears:

With over 30 karts available, the Dubai Kartdrome boasts a diverse fleet that caters to drivers of varying sizes. The karts are well-maintained to the highest standards and come equipped. Along with an array of safety features such as roll cages, seat belts, and helmets. The Honda engines that power the karts can attain speeds of up to 120 km/h.

Dubai Kartdrome Karting Academy:

The motorsports institute known as the Dubai Kartdrome Karting Academy is situated in the renowned city of gold, the United Arab Emirates. The Academy extends a diverse range of karting programs and curricula. That caters to individuals of all age groups, whether they are novices or advanced racers. The academy's primary objective is to furnish a secure and gratifying learning environment. For those keen on pursuing karting as a leisure pursuit or a profession.

The academy offers a plethora of courses, including rudimentary classes for novices. It is advanced courses for experts and coaching programs to aid those who desire to enhance their skills. Additionally, the academy proffers training for corporate events and team-building activities.


The Dubai Kartdrome Karting Academy boasts avant-garde amenities, encompassing a 1.2-kilometer circuit, a range of karts, and a team of proficient trainers. The academy is associated with the Dubai Autodrome, a motorsports complex that stages numerous events across the year.

All in all, the DAKA encounter is a splendid destination to acquire karting proficiency in a secure and regulated milieu. Regardless of whether you are a neophyte or a seasoned driver, the academy proffers programs. That caters to your demands, and it can aid you in elevating your driving competencies to a higher level.

Dubai Kartdrome Facts

The renowned karting establishment, City of Gold, offers an array of notable features, including:

Diverse Track Settings:

The facility boasts both an indoor and outdoor track. The indoor track spans 620 meters. While the outdoor track spans 1.2 kilometers. Cutting-edge timing mechanisms and safety provisions are present in both circuits."

Karting Academy:

The amusement park possesses a Karting Institute that provides mentorship and educational schemes for individuals of all ages. The institute's curriculum encompasses fundamental karting, sophisticated steering maneuvers, and tactics for competitions.

Corporate Events:

It is a trendy location for business gatherings and activities aimed at enhancing team spirit. The establishment can host substantial crowds and offers an array of amenities. Such as food services and supervision of events.

Racing Leagues:

It organizes various motorsport competitions annually, such as

  • The Sodi World Series.
  • The UAE Rotax Max Challenge.
  • The Endurance Championship.


The venue offers a diverse range of amenities to its guests, comprising a dining establishment, a café, and a balcony. That provides a panoramic view of the racetracks. Additionally, visitors can procure motorsport equipment and mementos from the pro shop located on the premises.


The allure is renowned for organizing esteemed competitions, such as the Dubai O-Plate and the 24-Hour Endurance Race. They are highly regarded in the racing world.

Available for Everyone:

It delivers an exhilarating and enjoyable adventure that caters to all age groups. It is featuring karting sessions accessible to even seven-year-old kids.

All in all, Dubai Kartdrome stands out as a first-rate establishment. They are providing an unforgettable and captivating karting experience to visitors, irrespective of their proficiency or age.


To sum up, for those who crave velocity and exhilaration, Dubai Kartdrome is an imperative destination in the city. With exceptional amenities, a plethora of kart racing encounters, and a committed group of experts. This allure provides an indelible karting adventure that is appropriate for all levels of expertise and age brackets.