Balloon Flights Dubai - Everything You Need to know

Posted On 23-Mar-2023

If you have a longing for exhilarating activities in Dubai, but you're uncertain about the value of hot air balloon flights over the stunning Arabian Desert terrain, abandon all your assumptions.

This adventure is undoubtedly a must-try on your Dubai vacation. That's why the Desert Safari Company has a dedicated in-house team of experienced guides for this fascinating experience. Their objective is to help you evaluate this adventure. Which should be on your travel bucket list, in the safest and most carefree manner possible.

This comprehensive guide covers everything, including various packages, recommendations for optimal experiences, and details of each flight adventure.

Balloon Flights Dubai - Every Single Detail

Balloon Flights Dubai

Quick Facts:

  • Desert Safari Company provides hot air balloon rides in Dubai that prioritize safety and are closely monitored.
  • Similar to parasailing, this company was established in October 2022 to provide customers.
  • With a completely safe and unique hot air balloon experience in Dubai.
  • Their fleet consists of well-maintained, massive balloons, such as A6 WOW and A6 OMG to accommwhyup to 66 visitors.

Momentous Tip & Stuff To Understand Before Your Encounter:

  • To avoid last-minute issues, it's important to purchase your hot air balloon tickets in advance. The night before your adventure. Make sure to have an early dinner and get enough sleep. On the day of your flight, you should wake up early and dress appropriately.
  • Choose comfortable clothing that allows for easy access to the basket and wear layers (if needed). Since the temperature in the Arabian desert can drop during the sunrise, accompanied by cold winds.
  • To capture the amazing sights during your adventure, bring your phone, camera, or any other equipment. However, don't bring any valuable items to the location as there is no storage facility available. If you have expensive equipment, such as a NIKON or DSLR camera, make sure to attach it to your body to avoid any damage from heights.
  • Avoid smoking or consuming alcohol before or during the adventure. It's also advisable to abstain from this activity if you are pregnant or have any back or neck problems, or have recently undergone surgery.
  • Although this is a year-round activity, the best time to enjoy this adventure is during the winter months, between November and April.

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Explanations That Make You Experience Balloon Flights?

Authorized Pilots:

The pilots for Balloon Flights are highly trained and certified professionals with over a decade of experience, including flying balloons in various locations such as Russia, India, Turkey, and Spain.

Positive Reviews:

Their exceptional service has garnered numerous 5-star reviews and has quickly become a well-respected name in the industry. But don't just take our word for it, check out their reviews page to see what satisfied customers have to say about their unforgettable fun experiences with Balloon Flights.

Finest & Newest Equipment:

Balloon Flights boasts some of the largest and most impressive balloons in the region, while also maintaining one of the best safety records in the industry.

Top-level Safety Excellence:

The safety and well-being of their passengers are their top priority, and they take all necessary measures to ensure a comfortable and secure flight experience.


Moreover, Balloon Flights is known for its exceptional integrity. As evidenced by its accreditation and support from a highly experienced commercial team.

What To Expect As the Role of Your Balloon Flight?

Wake up Early & Admire a Warm Welcome

The early morning excursion starts with a prompt pick-up from your desired location within Dubai city. You will then be transported to the launch site in the Margham Dubai area, which is also a popular location for skydiving. Upon arrival, you will be greeted with traditional hospitality in the form of cookies, dates, coffee, and tea, at the reception majlis.

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2. Coalesce the Preps

Following a comprehensive safety briefing from our team of experts, including an instructional safety video. You will proceed to the launch site located approximately 10-15 minutes away from the reception majlis.

As a passenger, you may choose to participate in the preparation and inflation of the balloon. It is witnessing high-performance machinery as it is activated to lift the balloon off the ground.

3. Concern the Aerial sights of Sunrise in the Arabian Desert

As soon as it is fully inflated and ready for takeoff. You will experience a truly awe-inspiring moment as the Earth appears to move away from you. While ascending and descending with the morning winds.

At an altitude of over 4,000 feet, you will be treated to a breathtaking view of the sunrise. They are capturing stunning photos while suspended in the air. From above, you will also observe the captivating desert landscape, including the native flora and fauna.

4. Flavorful Breakfast & Fascinating fun

Depending on the package you choose for your flight, you can indulge in a lavish breakfast featuring a diverse menu of Middle Eastern, Continental, and Asian flavors, following your tour in the air. Additionally, based on your preferences, you may opt for add-ons such as camel or horse riding, as well as Falcon photography sessions.

5. Flight Certificate & Drop Off

The complete expedition concludes when you receive a transport to your domicile. Along with an air travel credential bearing the signature of your commander. The delivery will take place at the location of your choosing, subject to availability.

The Finish Line:

We anticipate that our thorough assistance with the Desert Safari Company expeditionary manual has convinced you to include this escapade in your Dubai itinerary. These personalized flight bundles serve as excellent presents to delight your dear ones. Moreover, the journey transforms any special occasion into an extraordinary and indelible memory.